Yoga, the Science of “Union”

Through the lifestyle practices of the science of Yoga, understanding is gained regarding the process of “synthesis”, which is a divine state of body, soul and mind in union. In this workshop, Kashi Stone uncovers the ancient secrets towards gaining enlightenment, practically applied in modern times. A clear, concise place of where to begin, how to apply and grow through the eight-fold path of the spiritual science of Yoga.

Two-Hour Public Lecture:  FREE

Four Week Course:  $125


“Our class yesterday was so lovely. How rich and different it feels each time we come together.
It’s quite fascinating observing, sharing, and learning from you, Kashi, and the other girls and their process.”


Human Design / SOUL DESIGN

Spiritual esoteric and the mechanics of Human Design

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Two-Hour Public Lecture:  FREE

Four-Hour Workshop: $55





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