Esoterics · Self-Awareness

A Delicious Environment

There is probably nothing more delicious than the correct environment.

It is understood in Human Design that if we apply our strategy and authority, that we gain the best experiences when in the correct environment. However, figuring out what to do, how to apply and use all the tools, while living one’s life can quickly become a very complicated, mental experience and slightly confusing.

It is taught that if one pays attention to the body, then, they can tune into the direction they should head. If one is a Generator, then one listens to their Sacral voice, Manifesting Generators too. If one is a Projector, then one pays attention to the sensations that are rippling through the aura. If one is a Reflector, one is sampling the people surrounding one and life events that are occurring and seeing integrity or not. Manifestors inform and push away, when it doesn’t resonate. In that constant observation, sensations happen that indicate, clearly what is correct, in the moment and hopefully, lead to the correct environment.


It is important to understand that the aura and the body are not the same. Aura Type moves with an Inner Authority and a Strategy. The physical body is a manifestation of genetics that responds to our thought-currents. The physical body is strictly a tool that is used for how we think and choose to experience life. Through its constant use for obtaining what we want, it becomes the reflection of how we disregard and ignore its presence.

If the body becomes ill, low vitality, aches and pains in muscles and joints, the mind loses its inability to think clearly and so on. It’s a big deal because it can rapidly take us out of balance.

The aura is known esoterically as the “Lower Mind” and is an expression of the bodygraph definition that is generated in the Human Design science. When the Lower Mind is in control, living life in the Program, then one is living in the sway from pain to happiness to pain and back to happiness, again.  This back and forth motion of energy causes devitalization and a rapid aging process. The more one sways back in forth in drama, trauma, desire and lust, the quicker one ages and loses life force.

Most of the trauma and drama in life comes from our environment, work or home. In those relationships that we share in our environments, come the most challenging and most painful exchanges in life. Disappointment fostered with expectation based on comparing is probably the strongest root of disharmony in families and the biggest cause of most people’s misery throughout their adult life.

Secondly, the mixture of chemistry from people who have very little in common, creates terrible misunderstandings. It hardly leaves room for one to have the time to discover who they truly are while busy processing childhood trauma or bad love relationships or neighbors who live on the other side of the wall, imprinting one’s chemistry.

Its not just relationships, its anyone in the vicinity.

When the body becomes healthy and time spent in clearing and purification has taken place, a completely different life trajectory happens.  A healthy physical body usually, indicates a healthy nervous system and healthy association with one’s self. When one is sensitive enough to feel these subtle energies and heed their guidance, one naturally begins to ‘bump into’ people that resonate and compliment life’s work.

But the personalities often, are not harmonious continuously, so it can be a little challenging when the right kind of connections are made. That is the responsibility we carry when we are making the correct connections: creating healthy ways to relate and work together without the ego getting in the way.

When the person is in the “correct” environment, surrounded by the right kind of people, a shift happens that brings immense relaxation into the system.

As the current of life events are flowing by, and the relaxation grows in the body, relaxation and calmness grows in the nervous system.

When the nervous system gets relaxed and elevated,  opportunities that lead to correct environments or the correct connections happen.


One must quiet the mind, heal, repair and purify the body, first, so that energies flow freely so one can determine correct alliances as one is moving about, connecting and interacting with others.


Radical, deep, transformation takes place under the right conditions, surrounded by the right people.

Purify, renew and recharge, let go and surrender when you are ready to experience an easier flow in a nice place.


Your mind doesn’t know where to go and neither do your emotions.

Only the Divine presence of consciousness that flows, knows.