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Age of Aquarius

As we enter the “Age of Aquarius”, there are great shifts occurring in humanity. Many people are becoming more sensitive, more aware, struggling with relating and maintaining relationships; similarly, confused about who they are and what they are here to do.

Most of us are raised to attend school so that we can memorize 2+2=4, as our personality is shaped to fit into a sophisticated monetary system. Then, we are taught that we date, get married, buy a house and perhaps, have children, too. It is all very costly, materially and psychologically, but people tend to neglect that fact as they dive into the “dream” and commit to an idea for the rest of their life, losing their unique, creative expression.

Most of society is living out this dream and it has worked, sustained reality, for at least half of a millennia. There has been nothing more predictable nor more supportive than the family tribe. It has been a great blessing for many.

With the dawning of this new age, many are feeling a need for freedom, expansion and an urge to spread their wings. Numerous yearn to feel the beauty of being independent, sovereign and whole as one, feeling the ache to remove another person’s control over their life. There is an urge to escape the heavy burden of tradition and embrace a drive to be alone and to enjoy the creative juices that surge through a sovereign being.

The challenge is breaking free from the conditioning of an old model and leaving behind everything that we have been taught as correct, necessary and appropriate. That can be very scary for most, especially for those who believe that they have created a safe place to reside for the remainder of their life and who hold on tightly to rigid customs and traditions.

With this significant shift in humanity comes the awareness of a multi-dimensional being. This multi-dimensional perspective opens the mind to a broader understanding, a wider view of relating, negotiating, operating and living. It is actually, incredibly liberating for the brave at heart and for those who can no longer be contained inside of a limited scope of activities.

Through multi-dimensional existence, one begins to see beyond time and space, which is a manifestation of the mind caught in the space of duality, the interplay of opposites. Beyond duality, there is awareness of the soul, which lives in the place of eternal existence. This awareness that transcends duality is described and experienced by those who have achieved evolved states of consciousness through the practice of Yoga, which takes a being into the state of universal oneness; a rare and extraordinary event in human consciousness.

The science of Yoga defines and affirms the evolutionary process of the human condition in the ancient teachings. The idea of this mutation is not new; as it is described throughout the teachings of classical Indian atomic theory.

Atomic particles are bound to time and space. The soul lives outside of time and space, in the place of subatomic existence but it is bound by the atomic particle of human flesh. Through the practice of the science of Yoga, a soul can transcend the limits of time and space, realizing its true nature as an omnipotent, omniscience being. However, many do not practice the eight limbs of Yoga as many westerners have been taught a belief system, which is used to control and gain monetary wealth (Consider the Vatican and the large church organizations in the US). Without the knowledge that Yoga provides, humanity continues the cycle of re-birth and the struggle of living in a world that is in continuous strife between the pairs of opposites and the lack of connection with their own divinity, driven by their desires.

Unfortunately, most of those who practice the exercises called, “yoga”, are not truly engaged in the science of Yoga, which is the science of union (synthesis of Personality and Design Crystal). This is another area of great confusion for humanity and a terrible, misleading twist on the very important, ancient teaching.

Fortunately, the true science of Yoga has been preserved through the lineage of gurus (Masters) and their disciples. Through the presence of enlightened beings, the knowledge of transcendence is practiced, allowing for a chosen few to taste the reality beyond duality. And because humanity has not been ready for this shift, until now, it has been guarded, kept secret and protected, for eons through the one on one, teacher-disciple relationship.

This shift in humanity, that has been predicted is the evolution of our being into a heart-centered reality. It doesn’t look the way that most would imagine, though. The heart-centered existence begins with loving one’s self, first. That is a rather unique concept in a traditional culture that calls housekeeping and sexual activity, “love”.

Most people never get the chance to taste the state of loving one’s self, as they are fashioned and shaped to others expectations and are reluctant to spend time alone, getting to know who they are. It’s actually a very frightening idea for many, which is why a guru, a teacher is helpful and necessary.

We are not given an operating manual when we are brought into existence, neither do our parents receive a manual on how we operate and what our life purpose is. Hardly ever, do we taste what it means to be who we are, as an individual, full and complete, synthesized and whole. Fortunately, the true science of Yoga, slowly, gently leads one to this place of wholeness where true love is experienced from a heart-centered consciousness.

One attains this heart-centered consciousness through the practice of the eight rungs of Yoga, simultaneously: purification and correct diet, reading spiritual teachings, stretching and activating the seven major glands, breathing techniques, observing the inner and outer, concentration developed through learning to quiet the mind, meditation and enjoying a blissful reality. If one has a guru, a teacher, the process can be enhanced or sped up, but only through the teacher. If one is not trained in the practices, applications can be damaging to the body when not performed correctly, another reason why it is important to have a guru or a teacher.

In seeking to transcend duality, attaining synthesis (merging of Design and Personality Crystals), achieving contentment, gaining understanding of the purpose of one’s existence, then an enlightened being is the most astute guidance for the process.

I wouldn’t settle for less.



Written by Kashi Stone, June 2017