blue-water The Plight for Integrity Our process of self-awareness brings us closer to a more authentic way of being. It opens us up to see that everything is a frequency. Every moment is a tone, a vibration, a ripple in the world around us influencing and creating. If there is a lack of integrity, it ripples out far and wide, leaving an impact on our reality and our destiny.



aurag-2Points of Consciousness     Where Are You Coming From Inside each one of us there is this core place that a person operates from as they are moving about, interacting and experiencing life on the physical plane. I call this core place, “point of consciousness”.



tantra-jewelin-the-lotus-poseWelcome to The Matrix In the act of union for conception, the male is providing the genetic information for the physical body of the fetus and the female is providing the essence of the mind that will be operating the life of the fetus, which manifests as an aura sheath.



sun88   Nodes and the Life Path In ancient history the nodes were often referred to as “demons’ because of their ability to create eclipses, blocking out the light of the Sun and the Moon.



Yoga For Today Is Yoga an exercise or a spiritual path to enlightenment?          





Finding the Right Work

Probably, one of the most difficult challenges for a human in today’s world is the attempt to dial in the right kind of work. From an early age, we are projected upon to fulfill the dreams of our caretakers or parents, as they hold a strong thought-field in our environment about what is correct and appropriate for us. Including, religious conditioning colors the thought-field and equally impresses a young soul who struggles to become a thriving, happy, content adult. There is little chance to truly feel and embrace the uniqueness that one is born with and to share with the world.


Human Design or a Guru?

Once upon a time, back in 2007, I was introduced to Human Design by a dear friend, Alissa Ferranto, a personal assistant to Ra Uru Hu, the founder of Human Design, for many years. When Alissa or “Isa”, shared this fascinating new science with me, it felt like a natural fit. After I became a student of Ra Uru Hu, it became obvious why the science seemed so familiar and natural for me…..     click title to read more