Become Like a Child

Often, there is a mental pattern put in place where we live and with the people that we reside with. There is an everyday routine with predictable events and expected results. This is not how life truly is designed to be lived.

When we become accustomed to life events, when we can easily predict what can happen next in the same place with the same people, we become lost or confused if something new comes into our life. Watch what happens when big changes occur and the impact that it has in the environment where people are comfortable in a predictable rhythm. Often, one will see chaos and fear.

Most humans are born with an active Heart Center, which begins to shut down within the earliest years of life. One of the first words that most toddlers learn is, “No”. Limits are placed on all movement, curiosity is curbed and children are often, forced to sit still, quiet, immobile and ready to respond to the command of a parent or teacher. Limitations, restrictions and beliefs take the “child” out of life experience. You can see as you observe a young child who is yet to be conditioned, there is presence and a great deal of curiosity as they explore, jump and dance.

For those who have been raised in a Christian environment, most likely, you have heard Jesus’s words, “You must first become like a child before entering the kingdom of God”. (Matthew 18:1-3)

If you have not been exposed to this bible verse, then, perhaps you will see too, that becoming like a child can have great benefits. But it’s a confusing statement without more exploration so let’s see what the ancient teachings say about becoming like a child to enter the gates of heaven. The ancient teachings, understood properly and taught by an enlightened teacher brings immense clarity and wipes out any confusion. It is a great blessing when an enlightened teacher comes into one’s life and conveys the true essence of divinity.
Thank you, Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

How to Become a Child Again

You can begin tasting the reality of what it means to be a child again through movement. One of the best places to begin is in the car while driving to work, to the store or on your way to the café.

Often, while sitting in the car and driving, the body is held tightly and stiff as though in a state of resistance, or pain, or because of unkind, overwhelming thought currents passing through the mind, as they do.

While sitting in the car, feel your body sitting in the seat as the car is moving. Imagine expanding to envelope the entire vehicle that is carrying you, moving beyond your skin. This causes you to go into deep relaxation.

Through this technique, the visualization and the expanding, you can begin to embrace what is around you, rather than resisting and deflecting.

As you are in this space of expansion:

1) Do not resist, sit relaxed and open
2) Relax with the movement, like a flower riding in the vehicle
3) Feel the space of the vehicle filled with the essence of you
4) Flow as body moving as same speed that vehicle is moving
5) Just be with the flow

Through this simple exercise, you learn to see and understand that you are not the body, you are more than just a body.

Usually, we are against whatever is around us and put effort forth to create boundaries. Watch your thoughts when others enter the environment where you are sitting, as in a restaurant; watch how people move away, create space and separation in some way. It is the natural, adult human tendency to stiffen, create boundaries and separation

This separation and holding the body tight, with the tendency to isolate our self is often, the root cause of pain, illness, disease and depression.

Exercise Out of the Vehicle
There is a natural state of trembling that rests in the body constantly. The tighter the body, the less flow of this trembling energy. Children respond to this flow naturally, which is why it is so difficult for them to sit still when they are young, yearning to move, dance and play with life. They have not yet become dull in their mind nor have they cultivated the tendency to measure and calculate, as adults do and conventional school systems force in the training of the young and growing mind.

Allow this natural trembling and movement to occur inside of you and just be with it. Sit as though you are swinging, allowing your body to move in gentle, invisible circles, with slight movement. Allow that movement to happen and just be with it. Don’t stop the body from swaying or moving. It is in this space where you realize that you are not a solid body but flowing current of energy. This flow is the space of enlightenment.

A person who is open, receptive, flowing, available, constantly experiences oneness, the place of an open, Heart Center, just like an innocent, young child who has not yet been programmed, shut down and turned off to life. It isn’t necessary to be stiff, hard, alone and depressed.

Move, dance, explore and become curious again.


Written by Kashi Stone, 2nd, June 2018