Brilliant Decision-Making

One of the primary human concerns is the pursuit of understanding who one is to become in life coupled with the hopes of finding a soulmate, or the right life partner.

When we meet Human Design, we learn that it is a tool for getting us closer to this vision through a strategic decision-making process. We discover our TYPE, our inner authority, the strategy for our TYPE and how the mechanics function: defined or undefined. It provides a comprehensive system for learning how the emotional body, the Lower Mind operates in the Program as it fabulously uncovers our unique life expression.

But what we soon discover is that we are heavily engaged inside of a mental process, which can be terribly distracting, keeping one turned off to their natural internal navigation.

It is helpful to keep in mind that for decision-making, there is a delicate component that transcends the traditional strategy of TYPE and the teachings of Human Design. For there is the Spirit who is present, in the moment and serendipitous inside each being, regardless of how they are defined or what their TYPE is.

Spirit is not the Personality. Personality is the Ego, the Lower Mind, the emotions and psychology operating in the program. And Spirit is not the body, Design Crystal. Please don’t be confused.

So, if one is feeling a tug-of-war over how to determine what is correct, first, consider that there are two systems vying for the same life force: Emotional / Astral Body (Personality Crystal) and Spirit residing immediately above the Crown Chakra, waiting for an invitation and a gentle heart opening.

The Physical body is along for the ride and who is in the driver’s seat, is what you get to decide.

So, how does one make a brilliant decision?

It depends.



First, one must decide if they are looking for a mate or holding on tightly to certain people or favorite places; they may be looking for a great job or the right place to live. Then, the decision-making process that Human Design teaches is appropriate for navigating this reality.




The second option for making brilliant decisions is to determine if one is sincerely interested in taking better care of one’s self so that the physical body feels good and has ability to tune in to higher forces for direction and guidance, connected to Higher Self, fulfilling a destiny.




What we find is that most people choose the first path.

Very rarely are people motivated to invest in their own well-being or to connect with their higher self. Most are hungry for attention, love and affection, acceptance and recognition that usually, trumps the relationship with Self.

In the study of astrology, it becomes obvious that all of life and each experience is written. One can watch their life unfold in front of them through the orchestration and influence of the planets, in every minute of the day. There is a spectrum of possibilities that are inside a fixed design for a life trajectory. One can choose the path of relating, romance and the householder and learn many, many lessons from joy to pain; as it is a challenging path but can be highly rewarding, too.

And then, through esoteric astrology and ancient sciences, we find that an evolving spirit in the driver’s seat gradually moves into alignment with those who are correct or positively impacting the work that they are here to do. This second path has nothing to do with becoming a householder, mate, parent, lover, sibling or otherwise. This path is focused on group collaboration, rhythmic daily living and creative, imaginative living, very much like an ashram.

For this avenue transcends all attachments, ties, karma, emotional lessons and suffering as the body becomes a radiant manifestation of divine energy, witnessed in great beings such as Paramahansa Yogananda.






Art to Navigating

Navigation into the correct place and people happens in conjunction with utilizing the senses. If the senses are clogged, such as blocked nasal passages, limited breath intake, loss of hearing, sore throats or sudden allergies, the body is telling you that there are emotions aching to be dealt with and cleared before you can get aligned, properly, which may include a new environment, too, or even the end of a significant relationship.

What we find when we become clear and clean in our astral body and aligned with our Higher Self is that we really, don’t have to make decisions. There is an art to navigating life from an intelligent, aware space that can rely on the environment completely, to manifest life in a beautiful way. But keep in mind that this only works if one is connected to their Higher Self and allowing it to drive the life, placing one in the right environment, with resonate people and fulfilling life purpose.

First, the technique is to consciously allow the group to decide instead of attempting to control or gain attention in some way. There is a delicious space of wonderment observing a group create and make decisions and then, flow into participation. When the ego is busy pushing for ways to express or feeling terribly insecure, it misses this sweet space completely.

Next, watch and see which of the people inside the group have the highest level of integrity.
If a person’s words match their actions and their actions are in alignment with what they are creating, then that person can be depended upon and their word is good. That is a great starting point for heading in the right direction, choosing to collaborate with dependable allies who can follow through on their word and speak from a space of integrity.

Working with those who are integrated manifests great things but one must be patient, content and trusting while being kind to one’s self.

“Let’s see what happens next”, I often say.

Written by Kashi Stone, 2018
In gratitude to my teacher, H.H. Paramahamsa Nithyananda