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Centers and Their Colors

Each of us have an astrological story written at the time of our birth, even to some degree at conception. A stamp is made on our entire being that is the imprint of our life story, future health problems, relationships, children; how we will grow with our mother and our father, who we will choose to marry and so on. Constantly, I am amazed at the accuracy of astrology and its ability to interpret a life path in its most minute detail. Fascinating.

The unique gift that Human Design brings in its body of knowledge is the presentation of the color of the nine Centers on the bodygraph.

Through this simple, basic template of centers and their colors, one can gain greater understanding of how energy is working through a person’s system, psychologically and emotionally, enduring the program.

Starting at the bottom of the Human Design bodygraph, we find brown is used for the Root, Spleen, Emotional centers and then higher up, the Throat center. All three lower centers plus Throat are brown because they represent how one structures their life, operating as a human in the program. The Throat serves an entirely different function in conjunction with the three lower centers but is intimately connected in the overriding theme.

The Root Center represents our ability to create stability and move through life in a trusting, relaxed way. How one is defined determines how one experiences this process. There is a large contrast between defined and undefined Root systems and how they move with the flow of life.

The Spleen governs the immune system. It is also one of the places where people hook into each other. The health of this organ speaks on behalf of the physical body, the measure of integration between the etheric and physical body and one’s ability to care for self.

The Solar Plexus is the portal of the lower mind and how we experience life utilizing the five senses. How one perceives through the senses, woven around the Solar Plexus Center, is how one creates their reality. This is also another junction point for hooking, which causes many stomach ailments, especially active in primary relationships.

The Throat Center is the operating hub for the three lower centers, creating and manifesting on the material plane and is the vehicle of expression for the higher centers, when activated.

For most people, the Throat Center is turned off, even tho the lower-mind characteristics that we see in the bodygraph are being expressed thru the voice. Health problems such as earaches, sore throats, loss of hearing, excess mucus and so on, are indications of how the Throat Center is blocked from being activated and serving its full potential: conscious manifestation. We create what we speak and often, unaware. This center also indicates the degree of integration between body, spirit and mind.

The Sacral and Heart are the same color, red, as they share the same life theme of surrender. The Sacral operates very much like a battery source of power either for the program and the lower-mind or in a state of surrender for higher forces channeled through higher chakras.

The Heart is red because the Heart Center is turned on and activated when the Ego has entered a state of surrender to be used for higher powers in group activity and fulfillment of life purpose. The Heart Chakra is not activated until the Ego endures a three-part Solar Plexus maturation / mutation process.

Yellow is used for the G and Head Center, representing a common mystical theme. Both remain in a state of quiescence until they are activated at certain points in a personal evolutionary process.

For instance, the G Center represents the mystical path of love in a greater sense connected to the whole. An activated G Center also keeps us in alignment with the correct opportunities. Activated G Center is not indicated by a defined yellow center nor an open G, as the color and center definition purely represent one’s potential and tendencies inside the program.


Yellow used for the Head Center represents a mystical activation that occurs only when a state of consciousness has been achieved, such as the state of Samadhi or Bliss.

However, in Human Design, the yellow definition represents the gates and channel activations associated with the functions of the lower-mind, located in the Solar Plexus region. One who has this center defined and colored in has ability to express unique ideas for the collective and tends to command the thought-field in the environment where it resides.

The color green is used for the Ajna and represents the fertility of human imagination. The Ajna center activations on the Human Design bodygraph represent the lower minds’ talents and abilities, fantasy and knowledge, cognition, perception, systems and formulas and how the mind functions in relation. Once again, open or defined plays a big part in how the Ajna Center operates and expresses itself in the program but definition does not indicate an activated Ajna Chakra, in the true sense of the word.

Using imagination with focused intention demonstrates the fertile potential of how the Ajna operates in a state of awareness and how it utilizes definition, yes. In this place, there is fertile imagination and great potential, indeed. Keep in mind, when there are activations and definition in the Ajna and Head centers there is greater focus in one direction and often, becomes the outer authority with fabulous ideas for the collective and a brilliant mind for systems. The true chakras: Head and Ajna are more expanded than any other chakras in the human form – defined or not –  when activated, and are not influenced by the Solar Plexus mind.

In a true activation of the Ajna, we find the blending of higher forces with lower forces, the process of clearing the aura while healing and vivifying lower chakras and activating the higher. This occurs through conscious, proper alignment combined with daily, rhythmic meditation and the on-going practice of purifying the senses. Meditation is necessary in the activation of the Ajna and for gaining the potential of a higher creative imagination.

In this activated space, there is no mind, there are no thoughts, and there is no expression of our emotions or desires.

In an activated Ajna there is immense creativity combined with the magical orchestration of activities that occur in a blessed state of integration. Indeed, fertile ground.

May your rainbow grow and your prana flow.



Written by Kashi, April, 2018