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Changing Habits


One of the greatest challenges for a human is the struggle to overcome bad habits. Habits can be defined as the exterior, outside influences that get stuck into our unconscious, automatic behaviours. Habits, also known as desires, rule as the mind gives in and easily acquiesces to emotional reactions or passions, ignoring the impact on the body.

Coffee is a fabulous example. Used in moderation, only on occasion, it provides a wonderful shot of antioxidants. Our body heats up, the solar fires turn on and the engines get going; it can be thrilling, especially if you are someone who has very little solar fire in their chemistry, such as an open Sacral being: Manifestor, Projector or Reflector.

If coffee is consumed every day, in strong doses, it becomes acidic to the body, it blows the adrenals and it depletes the body of calcium. Many people add sugar and milk, too. Add the impact of sugar and milk to lots of strong coffee – on a regular basis and you have an awful soup that is composed of prime ingredients for destroying the immune system.

And there is the extreme influence of coffee on the emotional body. With a shot of this or that added to the cup, an overly stimulated reaction can send a conversation in a bad direction and cause awful things to happen.

Another terrible habit is smoking. Smoking has an interesting relationship with the lungs, heart organ, throat and digestion. It is a toxic poison that shuts down the Heart Chakra in the etheric body, completely. It also greatly impacts the digestion process, turning off the juices that break down food, changing the way the body takes in nutrition and ultimately, feeds the brain. Smoking changes the way the body operates on a subconscious level, making one’s life a slave to an emotional reality. There is no way that one can evolve if they are smoking tobacco – the two practices do not go hand in hand.

Food is another terrible habit that stops all evolution and health improving gestures. Just the simple act of over-eating ages and ends the life story quickly, probably faster than most habits. When the body is in a continuous digestion process, there is zero opportunity for the body to regenerate and renew. So much energy is used to break down foods, distribute and eliminate, that the system becomes distorted, plugged up and “out of tune”, you could say. Only when the body is quiet and the digestive fires cool does one access higher realms where divine, spiritual transformation takes place, such as in meditation. I like the suggestion of my Guru, eat just enough, and then right before you become full, stop. Try to refrain from taking a second helping or eating all the food that is on your plate. It’s a wonderful way to love the body, by not overeating nor over-taxing the digestion and assimilation process.

Alcohol is often referred to as being a “spirit” and it truly is. Each type of alcohol has a unique spirit that “infects” the diner and influences behavior in a particular way. The alcohol spirit is probably the most powerful of all toxins in how it impacts the body, mind and soul of a human; it also greatly speeds up the aging process. It’s a devil for sure.


Illnesses and habits can easily impact those around us such as our children, our lover or best friends. Whomever we are spending time with, they are being impacted too, by what we do. And the same in reverse, whatever others are doing near us, has some kind of an impact on our being.

This is why we must take a look at the habits we entertain and the unconscious activities that rule our life and bring more harm than good. In Yoga, it is taught that self-discipline is absolutely, necessary to break through the grip of desire and its hold on the body and mind. All it takes is a little will-power to turn things around and onto a better track towards a positive, healthy, loving way to live and be.

Self-discipline is the key for causing the body to respond in ecstasy.

For instance, when I enjoy a bowl of “raw green soup” each day as I am holding it in my hand before my first bite, my body fills with joy. I am choosing the green soup over a yummy, flour product, which does not give my body joy when I hold it in my hand. I had to apply self-discipline first and then, apply my will persistence for the better, more, healthy alternative. Not until I chose intelligently, did my body get a chance to respond in and show my mind what is truly bliss. The will to be healthier and more brighter took over the mind and directed activities towards what was best.

There is a feeling in the body when we choose what is good or correct and it takes will persistence to get one there, first.

May you choose wisely as you learn to love yourself through ardent self-discipline, which truly, brings the best experiences.


Written by Kashi Stone 2017