Custom Retreats

Unplug from the daily grind, slow down to the present moment,
play and exercise to expand and renew

VeggiesPure, organic, local foods “Farm to Table”, fresh mountain air and daily exercises that gently, gradually reshape your daily habits are a few of the things you can expect in your special, customized retreat.  As you spend time purifying, meditating and learning, you get to feel what it feels like to be really you, in your own space but not completely alone. A gentle hand is offered to lead the way.

Your retreat takes place in our hillside garden country farm where we have a few cottages, an outdoor kitchen and garden bath house.

Yoga 1

Licensed, alternative healing therapists supplement the program with comprehensive skills and advanced training in their field of specialty.

They are available throughout the program to maximize your comfort and assist in achieving your personal goals.

To learn more about attending a retreat, please contact our office for a phone consultation and review.


Basic Retreat Package                              $2700 a week

Accommodations in natural environment
3 Meals a day plus snacks …….organic, nutritious
1.5 hours of counseling or teaching per day / 1 alternative therapy elective
Daily mediation and hatha yoga


Purification Program              2 week minimum       $750 a week
3-5 hours a day of counsel and alternative therapy

Blood        Diet         Water
Fasting       Digestion     Colon
Parasites     Spine      Muscles     Glands

Pure, organic foods       Herbal Supplements     Colonics
Massage    Acupuncture     Chiropractic therapy   Aura Clearing

Week I
Blood purification, parasite treatments, diet adjustments, sleep adjustments, chiropractor, massage, aura cleansing

Week II
Parasite treatments, acupuncture, massage, chiropractor, cranial sacral, blood purification

Week III
Internal organ cleans and healing, massage, blood purification, aura cleansing

Week IV
Parasite treatments, internal organ cleanse and blood purification


Meditation Intensive                                    $1000 a week
3-5 hours a day, one on one

Mental and Emotional Bodies       Integration and Synthesis
Refinement         Nature of Being

Mantras      Hatha Yoga      Yoga Sutras
Mindful Movement   Spiritual Teachings
Tantra Practices for mindfulness
Mental and Emotional Body Purification
The Art of Sacred Living


Educational Program                                         $650 a week
4 hours minimum each day of classroom instruction and exercises


Week I      Learning basic body chemistry (Human Design LYD)
Week II     Understanding Differences
Week III    Who is Who?
Week IV   The Unique Self

This course includes one hour and half classroom instruction on identifying patterns, personality traits, challenges and good luck transits through basic astrology and Human Design, valuable exercises in self awareness and homework assignments for self study.

A personal notebook is developed throughout the course and you may want to keep for a lifetime. Course material and books included.


28 Days minimum 

Our etheric body, the chakra system, is a mirror template of the physical body and a composite of color, tone, vibration and sound. This etheric body, chakra system, manages, regulates and imparts vitality to the physical body, operating as the “battery”. All disease and all healing occur in the etheric vehicle first, ultimately dictating the health and condition of the body and quality of life that one is living.

When a period of cleansing, purification, fasting and spiritual disciplines are applied, chakras in the etheric system are stimulated and opened, allowing energy to flow throughout the body, vivifying and strengthening the immune system. At the same time, karma, emotional trauma, depression and other similar defeating emotional habits or patterns are released and cleared. This cleansing allows for the true chemistry of a person to come forward, revealing life purpose and providing the territory for creating a calm, content state of being.

This is the focus of the work that one does when enrolled in our de-conditioning retreat program.

Basic Retreat Package / 4 Weeks  / with Educational Package            $7400
Includes food and accommodations, five days of classroom instruction, completion of Living Your Design Course, worksheets, personal binder and books.

Basic Retreat Package / 4 Weeks / with Purification Program     $10,500
Includes alternative therapies, special comfort food and accommodations, superfoods, herbal supplements, juices, massage and body therapies. Fully comprehensive program for cleansing and bringing body into proper digestion, assimilation and elimination.

Basic Retreat Program / 4 Weeks / with Meditation Intensive Program    $10,700
In this course we combine the basic tantra lifestyle principles with spiritual teachings, becoming intimately familiar with the body. A lifestyle practice of meditation is cultivated with your most natural rhythm taking over and leading the way.

Superhuman Retreat / 4 Weeks / all three programs   $14,000
All three programs: Purification, Meditation and Educational in one.
Full time attention to purifying, centering and rebuilding during a 4 week/ 30-day program.

Retreat price out of your budget?
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