Dream Medicine Retreat MAUI 2018


Join us as we enter into a magical transformation of our total being

                                          ~ in the heart of the island of Maui, Hawaii

Share space that is conducive for creating an awakening 

Through meditation, purification, correct nourishment for the individual and easy, simple educational models with a sleeping space designed for dreamwork, we enter into powerful realms of awareness and heightened intuitive cognition.

Participants are welcome to join in for one week, two weeks, three weeks or four. Not everyone can take an entire month off for personal transformation, but if you can, please do. This event will position one towards greater empowerment, greater awareness as to who one is, why you are here and where you are headed in your life with a ‘fresh’, new approach on life. Experience a tremendous boost in your vitality and health, a greater state of self-confidence and enhanced radiance that naturally occurs when one becomes centered, in the environment with the right kind of influences.

Choose amongst an array of offerings as tools are imparted for greater awareness through the Eight Rungs of Yoga, astrology and Human Design, astrology, the I Ching and more. Nutrition is explored and designed specifically for each person according to their own chemistry and natural health services offered for treating conditions that require attention.

The entire, multi-fold being is addressed in our Dream Medicine Retreat as each part is brought into balance for greater self-empowerment.



Deluxe Healing and Purification Retreat: $5200 a week

Herbal Purification Retreat: $4600

Premier Retreat Program: $3900 a week

Basic Retreat: $3200 a week

Silent Retreat: $2700 a week








  • Exquisite accommodations in a quiet, pristine, natural environment
  • Delicious, healthy, organic foods tailored to your constitution
  • Daily programs that enrich your understanding of body chemistry, mechanics of aura and multi-dimensional living
  • Outdoor activities that enrich one’s well-being, oxygenate the system, develop greater appreciation for beauty
  • Quiet time alone for emptying, enriching and completing
  • 3 Meals a day plus snacks …….organic, nutritious
  • 1 hour of counseling per day
  • 1 alternative therapy elective

A $1200 deposit secures your placement with registration. For more information regarding program, location, services, additional fees or other, please schedule a private appointment.

An exclusive retreat for the spiritually inclined.

For retreat calendar of events and programs, please click here

Contact: office@knowyoursouldesign.com


Preparation for Transformation






Silent, Daily Transformational Meditations with Kashi
Daily Yoga instruction


No electives or services
Accommodations and nutritional fare only

$1200 secures placement for retreat. For more information, please schedule a private appointment.


An exclusive retreat for the spiritually inclined.

Please contact: office@knowyoursouldesign.com