Emotional Body · Mutation

Evolution Through the Chakras

Written by Kashi Stone

Humanity is undergoing an evolutionary climb that is causing humans to awaken to a more compassionate way of being. This new wave of compassion is the onset of an activated Heart Chakra.

This is the process of the maturation of the Ego, in a gradual, expanded movement towards consciousness through the etheric centers. From the Root to the Crown, humanity is currently evolving the point of consciousness out of the Solar Plexus and into the Heart.

The gradual maturation process of consciousness began with the seed of consciousness planted in the Root Chakra many ages ago. From the Root Chakra consciousness moved into the Sacral Chakra and then, into the Solar Plexus where it sits in most people’s consciousness today.

Entering into the Age of Aquarius, humanity is gradually stepping into wider consciousness.

This is also why there is a mass increase of interest in improved nutrition, organic foods, physical activity and meditation. People are seeking a closer connection with a higher source, naturally, through improving their lifestyle habits and becoming more conscious of their health.

Intuitive sensitivity is one of the powers that comes with the evolving consciousness as it provides greater awareness in choosing environments to live and conduct work. Through good connections, kind friends, proper housemates and genuine, busy daily activities, a person can dial in what is correct to thrive and to be their true self. By choosing to take one’s power back from the Emotional Body – one is given an opportunity to truly taste the essence of their life purpose.

But before one can take our power back, one must first understand the Emotional Body and how it is impacting life. For, it is when a person can see the influence of how their emotional reactions are driving their life, that they reach a point of awareness that is very liberating, life changing and transforming.

Through the study and observation of one’s own personal process, a person can see that they have not been in control of their life or the events happening. The emotions have been in control, most of the time.

This is why learning how to manage one’s emotional body is a significant first step towards awareness.