Emotional Body · Mutation

Evolved or Enlightened?

Can you see how much a person is evolved when looking at their chart?



If we consider how one may determine the state of evolution in a being, we use the tried and true system of the ancient Rishis of Yoga: the current state of the chakras as an indication of health, psychological condition and point of spiritual awakening.

Most of humanity operates from the Solar Plexus and the Sacral Chakra. This is where we see the aura type operate, through the lower mind and through the sciences of blood type, astrology, and eneagram. This lower mind operates in a definite, predictable pattern in alignment with the stars and is written in the interpretations of astrology, I Ching and so on.

During this shift from the Pisces to Age of Aquarius, many people are moving from an emotionally driven reality into a higher state of mind. Psychically, this state of consciousness can be seen, easily.  One Is either thinking from their lower mind, the Solar Plexus region or they are transformed, integrated and receiving impressions from higher forces in the upper chakras. 



Written by  Kashi,  December 2017