Feeding Your Brain

The brain is a major hub in our operating system. The brain governs speech, thought processes, eye movement and muscle coordination, breathing, heart rate and activity, the flow of digestive juices, and other subconscious actions.

It is a very important division of the human operating system. The brain requires very special fuel in order to function well and have clarity with thought processes, decision-making and direction.

The most important food for the brain is protein so that it functions well. The first thing we want to take into consideration when we address our nutrition needs is whether or not we are getting adequate supplies of protein and the proper nutrients for our chemistry.

When we look at food sources for protein, we find that the highest sources come from vegetables, fruits and nuts, and then meat.

One of my favorite antidotes for getting protein is cottage cheese. Cottage cheese has approximately 22% grams of protein per half of cup. That is double the amount of protein that a large steak would have. There is also a huge difference in taste and quality between organic milk cottage cheese and conventional cottage cheese found in your everyday supermarket.

I am lactose intolerant, so I make my own goat cottage cheese. I like a tablespoon or two in the morning as my first food to start the day. My brain feels completely different after I eat it. There are other sources rich in protein: eggs, salmon, sprouts, beans, nuts, certain fruits, etc.

One of my most favorite breakfast foods is sliced apples with almond butter. Almond butter has the highest content of protein above most foods.

There are fruits with large quantities of protein as well, such as dragon fruit, cherimoya, guava and many more. Beans combined with rice make a perfect protein for the body, easy to digest and easy to incorporate other foods for complete nutrition.

Try starting the day with a bit of protein and see if it makes an improvement in your ability to think more clearly throughout the day – you might be pleasantly surprised!

Pumpkin and Squash Seeds ~ 29.8g
Peanuts ~ 24.4g
Pistachios ~ 21g
Almonds ~ 21.2g
Sunflower Seeds ~ 19.3g
Cashews ~ 15.3g
Walnuts ~ 15.2g

FRUITS / 1 Cup or one fruit
Guavas ~ 2.6g
Mulberries ~ 1.4g
Blackberries ~ 1.4g
Starfruit ~ 1g
Apricot ~ 1.4g

CHEESE / 1 Cup
Parmesan Cheese ~ 42%
Romano Cheese ~ 32%
Mozzarella Cheese ~ 32%
Goat Cheese (hard) ~ 31%
Gruyere Cheese ~ 30%
Swiss Cheese ~ 28%
Cheddar ~ 27%
Fontina ~ 26%
Provolone ~ 26%


Enjoy Life! ~ Kashi