Esoterics · Self-Awareness

Finding Self

Every human has a set of creative abilities, talents, skills and fabulous characteristics to share with the world in some way.

Understanding how our body machine operates, how our mind functions, what the purpose is for this life, why relationships have happened and addressing our concern for our spiritual relationship provides an intimate engagement into a transformational process and fertile soil for self-love to grow.

There are many schools of thought that provide ways to view the human system and determine the needs, the trajectory and the biological composition. Contained in those systems are one key element that is consistent throughout all teachings: Loving one’s self brings the change, the growth, the transformation that breaks the cycle of suffering and leads one closer towards the divinity of one’s own Soul or Higher Being.

When we understand why we do the things we do, we soften our internal critic and judgment. When we drop the mental chatter and take conscious control of our life, we can relax into our greater, unique, creative expression that is hiding behind the conditioning agents.

Meet the Individual

Our life story begins at the moment of conception.

As the sperm relates the genetics of the physical body, the mother plants an egg something like the form of a yoke, into the creative process. Together, these two forces begin creating the fetus. The yoke of the mother determines the type of aura, the sex of the child and how the mind will operate. Included, are the seeds of karma that is living through the life story of the father’s family lineage and the mothers’ personality. The reincarnating aspect, is the life force found in the blood, working with the heart organ, maintaining life. Once the fetus is ready to “hatch” from the womb, the physical body, the emotional body and Spirit are all in place to live one incarnation.

It’s a grand production in time. Hence, the three major life cycles: Saturn Return, Uranus Opposition and Kiron Return. A pattern has been set in place with a theme to grow and evolve.

Welcome to the “Program”.

How the Individual Develops

Throughout the formative years, until the age of twelve, the child’s life force is focused on developing the physical body. Between the ages of twelve and fifteen, a type of crisis occurs that shakes the being, causing a trauma and a mini version of an ‘awakening”. This traumatic awakening is deeply impacting and life changing but not easily seen.

By early twenties, another crisis sets in that crystalizes the personality, causing it to operate and to perceive in a specific way throughout life.

The child has become a manifestation of the environment, the diet, and the people surrounding him during his formative, adolescent and teenage years. The child compares life through the lens that has been shaped by this upbringing. Many will be conditioned to think that it is time to prepare for a future day of marriage, a life career and a home to live as a householder.

Between the ages of thirty-five and forty-two, another crisis occurs beckoning for a deeper connection with one’s inner being. At this point in the journey, it can respond to life in full maturity and can be considered an adult. Now, one enters into the Uranus Opposition, mid-life cycle.

Again, between the ages of fifty-six and sixty-three, At the onset of Kiron Return, one more crisis happens. What comes out of this crisis determines the future usefulness and whether the life will continue to use the body into old age. If one has no ear for the inner voice pleading to fulfill a purpose, life will gradually withdraw and allow for decay and death to set in.

During the cycles of maturation: Saturn Return, Uranus Opposition, Kiron Return, the transits of the planets provide key moments that are like doorways, opening to opportunities to advance and move forward in the evolution of life. Often, these doorways get ignored or passed by and karma or attachments are carried forward into the next life.

This life-long process eventually brings one closer to the reckoning factor of how one has lived their life and what wisdom has been gained through their experiences.

How one has lived their life will determine how the next life begins.

May this life and your next, be the best.


written by Kashi Stone 2017