For the Love of Money

Living in the forest far away from society most of the time, one forgets about the natural, social tendencies of humans.

Fortunately, in quiet, alone space this easily slips from one’s view and perspective of reality. When alone, time can be filled with creative projects, enjoyable activities, eat the food that one desires when one feels like it and one can go to bed and rise as one feels inclined. It can be a luxurious place to be in life.

However, most, I have found are living a very different reality. Most are struggling to survive in an artificial world, causing one to become artificial in order to survive. This is the fertile bed for disease to occur in the body: missing life purpose so that one can fit into an artificial world.

Never, will I forget what my grandmother told me around the age of 34. We were having a lovely conversation until she confessed a prayer that she recited each morning on my behalf throughout the years as I was growing up.

On that dreadful day, she informed me that she had been praying since I was a child, that I would grow up and marry a rich man who could provide me with the lifestyle she had raised me in. My grandmother was very generous with me growing up and made sure that I had everything my heart desired. She wanted that luxurious life to continue for me throughout my adult years and in marriage. When I heard my grandmother’s words as she repeated her prayer to me, I was shocked and begged her to please stop that prayer immediately and pray that I am successful in doing what I love creating – forget the husband, please! …I pleaded.

After that conversation, she informed me that her prayer for me from that day forward would be, “I know not what is correct for her God, please, may your will be done in her life”. It frightened her to imagine me without a husband who could watch over me, provide for me and protect me, in the same way she had enjoyed her life.

She had a very good life and lived very comfortably during her marriage to my grandfather. Since the day she met him, she was smitten and “in love’, in devotion to her man until the day she died. Even after my grandfather’s death, there was no man who could fill his shoes and replace his space in her life.

From their relationship, I could see what ‘real’ love looked like. Grandfather grew up in a very poor family, which made him somewhat of a social outcast. When my grandmother met him, she could not refuse him or consider herself better than him, even upon the prompting of her family who begged her not to marry a ‘poor man’. Little did they know that he would be the one who would provide for them and give a generous lifestyle of luxury to my grandmother. It was a lovely little twist to the fairy tale of happy ever after.

On my recent tour, I had the chance to view “love” in the world, again. Being isolated for a period of time, my senses had become sharp and my eyes curious as I watched people interact, share and exchange. Suddenly, with almost every encounter, I was reminded again, people love for money and it often, controls all their decision-making. “Affection Money”, I call it. Someone gives affection and the other gives money for it and one does not have to be in love for the exchange. But to play the game one must act like they are in love and speak the words that sound like they are in love. It’s very distorted and confusing as it is common in todays’ society, and sad to see. It’s also the reason why certain commodities thrive and ultimately, design the artificial reality that humans live in. It is the root of disease that feeds on the human system, destroying life.

It is unfortunate that we do not consider that a person was born with a legacy to do something great, change the way people think or write a great book that could change the way society operates. There might be the chance that this person has a fantastic mind for engineering a new way of doing something, such as in farming or travel. Fantastic minds are ignored in a world that thrives on control and twisted perceptions of wealth and love.

Perhaps, this conversation topic is leading to a wider view of a larger issue: unconscious love-making. And the love-making can be in any form in any relationship. Often, it is seen through the act of unconsciously imposing one’s will on the other, to control or abate a fear. Or there may be the fear of not enough, including significance. People are so desperate to be recognized, in some way, for who they truly are.

In consideration of love, it brings us full circle into the exploration of consciousness, on a mass level. When we look beyond the mental constructs of society, we can see the truth of what permeates and controls the minds of humanity: Solar Plexus and the Sacral on occasion.

In this place of consciousness, it is survival of the fittest and requires whatever one can do to strive, maintain and manipulate life in one’s direction for the fruition of one’s own desires. It is also centered on familial relationships and how one is supported in that complexity.

Random, unconscious love-making creates disastrous results over the long run and difficult situations that do not align with personal destinies. Once a child is born, their trajectory takes over the parents’ life purpose. The child must be cared for and considered, first, in all decisions and movement in life. That element of responsibility is usually, not considered or discussed before two are in the act of creating another life form.

And so, the vicious cycle continues for survival, longing for individual expression with terrible misunderstandings of personalities, intentions and needs. We are a sad, unconscious society struggling for significance in all the wrong directions. Relationships do not bring significance nor are they capable of creating an individual with a life purpose.

Peace within that comes from being in the moment, the song that is sung in our heart when we create, the joy that is felt in a serendipitous encounter as we move freely without interference, the unexpected direction that is better than what expected, these are the flavors of a unique trajectory, unimpeded by the glamour of love for affection or money.


May our hearts open to a greater expression of love, relating and understanding.



written by Kashi Stone ~ March 2018