Most of humanity suffers from living life in a 2-D reality instead of the natural human birthright of a 5-D reality.

In the common 2-D reality, often, we find the human form planted firmly in a comfortable, familiar easy chair in front of a television screen with the episodes of trauma-drama that happen day after day and week after week, same place, same time, each time.

In this 2-D reality fully planted in front of the television comes the pseudo-emotional process that inhibits and blocks the natural emotional expression of a human’s every day, true, real-life.

Life is full of challenges, traumas, dramas, pains, shocks and joys. When the human plants itself in front of a television and submits its attention to an electronic box, it becomes frozen and dull from the lack of expressing personal emotions in reaction to one’s own life.

When the human does not get involved with life, and avoids or escapes through television or lacks inspiration to create, there is no clearing that takes place inside of one’s own system. Instead, smiles become empty and expressed only through the lips, not the entire face. The human is minimally engaged with life and it shows through the window of the soul, as they interact.

The true essence of life is acting immediately upon inspirations that are injected into the body-system. When inspiration is injected into a receptive body-system, it can cause a thrilling feeling to soar through the body and up the spine and through the top of the head, a natural kundalini experience.

If one is frozen in front of an electric box, then one is missing the opportunity to experience this amazing state of ecstasy that is possible in the human 5-D reality and hard-wired into every human body.

When the human feels an inspiration, but does not act on it, it is living in a 2-D reality. This is where one can easily see the difference of the reality that they are living.

When the human acts on inspiration, it begins growing a powerful state of consciousness. Through the act of inspired creativity, colors, shapes, fragrances, moods, become more lovely, more beautiful and exhilarating, while emotional blocks melt, energy moves through the system and pathways are cleared.

In Human Design, we find that a large part of the human population is defined into two distinct categories: emotional and non-emotional.

One of the most difficult things for an undefined Solar Plexus person is the expression of how they are feeling, emotionally. Far more difficult is submitting to the vulnerability of bearing one’s fragile essence, and without too much intensity. Emotional intensity can send waves of shock through the body-system. Easily, explosions of blocked emotions expressed through extreme anger or fear come raging at peak moments. They can feel terribly odd, distorted, out of time and extreme.

It can be very difficult for the undefined Solar Plexus to express emotion and feel okay through the experience. It is the opposite for the one who is defined in the Solar Plexus; the more passion they can share, the better.

When we learn to act on inspirations and allow the injections of intensity to motivate us, pushing us forward into creating, with great authenticity, then, we expand.

In living the truth of who we are, we expand.

When we expand, we taste a wider state of consciousness that brings in a greater sense of fulfillment and joy found in the blessed state of “oneness”.

This is where ecstasy lives: connecting with our soul fractals, growing, expanding and creating more beauty, sustainability in a blessed, glorious state of 5-D reality.

Enjoy Sunday ~