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Good Muffin / Bad Muffin

On that final day, before leaving my friends abode, I did everything I could to make sure the muffin plate was full, the pot of veggies made into a stew and ripe fruits harvested off the trees and vines in the garden. That was usually my job when I came to visit: baking, cooking and harvesting. There were many things we appreciated and shared in common. There were many differences too.

Her and I have two electromagnetics: 1) Channel of Awareness and the Channel of Mutation, neither electromagnetic is in harmony. When we are together, it feels like we “sorta” fit together as friends but not completely. We met purely by accident as I enrolled in her bed and breakfast as a guest over a year ago. Since that time, her and I have become friends through my frequent visits and the common understanding that rests in the electromagnetics.

On this visit, I found a limited assortment of flours available for my baking ritual, since my stopping by was last minute and not planned. I was also challenged by the choice of fruits, slightly throwing off the chemistry in my recipe. It was an odd day and seemed to grow more odd by the hour.

When the emotional Manifestor arrived home, glanced over at the scones resting on her pastry tray, her face bore a reflection of her thoughts. I could tell that she was not impressed nor would she enjoy the complex ingredients that had been brought together using what was on hand, in the cupboards.

She took one small bite of the blackberry scone, “Hmm….its slightly salty”, she said lacking a gesture of pleasure, “I never use salt”, she commented as she placed the half-eaten scone back on the tray. She was tired from work but it was obvious that I had prepared something that didn’t resonate nor was it desired.

Later that evening, we shared the soup that I had prepared upon her suggestion, with the abundant eggplant growing in her garden. I thought it was delicious but she said out loud after a bite or two, “I never eat anything like this, Kashi”, with a slight chuckle of disapproval under her breath as she shook her head, laid down her spoon and reached for a cracker instead. I was amazed. The soup was so delicious to me, I enjoyed three bowls full.

That’s okay, I knew she was tired but I could see that repeatedly, I was challenged at preparing the type of foods that she or her son would enjoy eating.

Fortunately, I had packed a small tin filled with scones for traveling home; it would be a long, twenty-four-hour trip so the undesired pastries provided great emergency food, if needed.

By the time I arrived back home, there were still scones in my tin. I opened the box and handed it towards my housemate. “Mmmmm…….delicious”, he said as he took his first bite with a smile, “nice combination of ingredients”, he uttered through his munches as he walked away happy and satisfied. I could tell that he meant what he said and that he genuinely liked the experiment of odd ingredients.
“Thank heavens for harmonic electromagnetics. It’s good to be home”, I thought to myself.



Key for harmony

Line 2 / is in harmony with line 5
Line 1 / is in harmony with line 4
Line 3 / is in harmony with line 6

John has Gate 34.6 in harmony with Linda who has Gate 20.3. Together, they create an electromagnetic with John’s gate 34 and Linda’s gate 20, the Channel of Charisma. Their I Ching lines are in harmony.

Roger has Gate 54.5 and forms a harmonious electromagnetic with Tamara who has Gate 32.2. Together they complete the Channel of Transformation. Roger’s I Ching line 5 and Tamara’s I Ching line 2 are in harmony.

The I Ching lines indicate degree of harmony that two people can experience together through an electromagnetic connection


The right-hand side of the bodygraph, the Solar Plexus side, is driven by emotions and desire, sensuality and passion. When there is an electromagnetic connection between two people on the Solar Plexus side, it will trick a person into thinking that there is something “special” in the union. Often, people who have this kind of connection refer to each other as “soulmate” or mention that they feel fated in some way or have been together in a previous lifetime.

A skilled astrologer can see fate, history or karmic connections through cosmic maps. The juicy electromagnetic connection feels cosmic-like, but it’s not. Usually, it is only chemistry responding to chemistry, instinctually, without intelligence and is based on “feel-good” sensations, which can be a wonderful bonus in life.

When two people have electromagnetics in harmony, in romance or work collaboration, life is very good. There is little challenge and fewer disagreements between two who naturally understand each other and are activated in a complimentary way.
When connections are not in perfect harmony, well, it’s obvious.

For instance, with the first person mentioned above, my friend has the I Ching line 4 and I have the I Ching line 3, in the gates that form our electromagnetics: 61 and 24, Channel of Awareness. The line 3 is inquisitive, curious, clumsy and a bit of a whirlwind, tends to challenge authority and tests to see who really knows.

The line 4 is open, receptive, kind or mean, socially fed as they enjoy a closed network of friends in support of each other’s endeavors. Their main interest is to teach information.

You can see that the two I Ching lines are in two different directions, ultimately.


Harmonious Environment

The second person, my housemate and I have two electromagnetics that are in harmony: Channel of Discovery / 29.6 & 46.3 and the Channel of Emoting: 39.3 and 55.6. The benefits are that often, he can look at me and know what I want or how I feel, before I do since I am emotionally defined. He also intuitively understands the right timing for addressing serious issues or how to diplomatically handle them with me.

A third person, my second housemate and I have 4 electromagnetics, two are in harmony. Excitement starting new endeavors and holding the tribe together securely and safely in a beautiful environment, are the focus of our conversations. This is the place where we are in harmony: Channel of Community and Channel of Mating. This housemate has a different kind of diet so he doesn’t care for my complicated, vegan muffins as much as the other housemate, but you would never know it. He is always happy when I am baking and makes pleasant comments about the fragrance of muffins drifting through the house.

Taking it one step further, my next-door neighbor, who I share five electromagnetics with, three are in harmony: Channel of the Prodigal, Channel of Discovery and Channel of the Alpha. We both share an appreciation and respect for each other’s work and easily converse on topics of interest as we find ways to support each other.

There are other benefits but you get the idea of how harmony can work between friends, family, housemates, neighbors or business acquaintances.

When you are surrounded by electromagnetic harmony, it is a blessing.


Written by Kashi Stone 2018

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