Green Soup Recipe


Each day, I enjoy a bowl or two of this delicious raw, green soup as it makes the body tingle and smile with joy!

It magically brings the body into balance and heals the internal organs of the body causing them to function much more efficiently. It also is packed with vitamins, minerals and everything good for generating a healthy, strong immune system.

Not everyone is going to enjoy this soup, warning, this recipe is tailored to the raw food palate and requires one to gradually build up to the potency of the intensity of raw foods. If you have been eating raw foods for a few years, like me, it will be an easy, natural food for your body. If you have not been eating raw foods or not many green vegetables, you can serve this soup with rice to ease the introduction of this vital, delicious, life-saving recipe.

This recipe yields a little more than a large quart jar and keeps in the fridge up to a week, nicely, if stored in a glass container. You will need a powerful food processor or blender to puree the veggies.

List of veggies to acquire for soup:

Celery (2-3 stalks)
Avocado (2-3)
Cucumber (2) (Saving the second cucumber for final step, chopped into pieces)
Green Peas (1/3 to half of small frozen bag or a bunch of fresh from the garden)
Parsley (1 bunch)
Cilantro (1 bunch)
Spinach or other greens such as collards, chard or mustard (1 bunch)
Kale (1 bunch)
Zucchini (2-3)
Season with sea salt, a tablespoon of Cumin and the juice of two limes.

Often, I will vary the recipe with what is in the fridge or the garden and on hand. You don’t have to follow this recipe to the letter but it helps to start here first, and then play with different ingredients to dial in what works best for your taste buds. I love the way the lime flavors the soup and the touch of cumin that adds depth to the flavor. Lemons will not enhance the flavor like limes but you can experiment and see what works best for you.

Since it is summertime and I have a beautiful garden that I can harvest from, I use the flower tops of the kale and chard plants in the soup, as well. It adds a lovely boost of vitality and vitamins to the soup mixture. Whenever possible, I also incorporate wild greens such as purslane or goosefoot into the mix, ensuring the highest nutritional combination of foods possible.

Add the final cucumber to the mix by chopping it into small chunks that add a nice bit of “chewiness” or texture to the soup. Sometimes, I peel the cucumber and sometimes I leave the skin on both cucumbers – that is up to you.

Finish soup by using edible flowers as garnish. In this photo I am using nasturtium flowers.

ALWAYS use organic vegetables.



Kashi Stone 2017