Hooks of the Emotional Body

Within the human form are tendrils reaching out looking to attach. These tendrils are the arms of the Emotional Body, an entity that resides within our three-part form with its own pulse of life. Every human has an Emotional Body with tendrils that reach out to connect and hook into one another, in some way.

These tendrils are what we can see as the hanging gates that wave in the air off an open or defined center, looking for the other side of the channel like it is demonstrated on the Human Design chart, here, with Gate 37 hanging off of the open Solar Plexus.

Hanging gates off an open Solar Plexus can be the most overwhelming because of the momentum behind their passion towards desires and attachments. Solar Plexus hanging gates relate most specifically to love, sex, family relationships and money, which can make the Emotional Body very sticky, needy, cunning and aggressive.

You can feel the sensation of an Emotional Body hook through the way the tummy feels when a person is near you. If there is a tightness, a sharp pain or an aching discomfort in the stomach region, someone’s Emotional Body is seeking to penetrate and hook into your aura because they want something from you: attention, time, or energy.

Emotional electromagnetics are usually, the cause for people to marry or fall in love. With a hanging gate blowing in the wind, the frequency of desire drifts through the environment, calling out its counterpart, the other side of the channel, so that it can become whole and flowing. When the missing gate arrives, completing a whole channel, the two hanging gates fall into a deep romance.

There is a sense of relief that follows when two gates come together inside of a channel, often, causing one to think the relationship is fated or a carry-over relationship from a past life. An electromagnetic connection can be very misleading, especially if it is in harmony.

Following is an overview of a selected group of powerful emotional tendrils demonstrated through the hanging gates of the Solar Plexus. Through the wisdom and understanding gained, may you bestow greater compassion as you learn to less personalize the behavior of others.

HANGING GATES & Their Emotional Hooks ~ SOLAR PLEXUS
Keep in mind that this interpretation is for the Solar Plexus center, only, and is a broad interpretation. When we consider the entire Emotional Body, we look at all gates and centers on the Human Design bodygraph.


Gate 49:
This gate responds favorably if they are receiving affection from whom they love. For instance, the gate 49 is naturally, unconsciously attracted to the one who has the gate 19, which is sitting opposite, creating an electromagnetic. If the gate 19 is affectionate and genuine in its love and loyalty and the two gates are in harmony, they will enjoy a pleasant home, a fat bank account and plenty of groceries.

This is the marriage channel and if you investigate, you will find many 49’s connected with 19’s. It is a natural fit in the material world and for raising a family. The 19 is the “wife” who obeys the 49, the “husband”, the one who is in control of resources, regardless of gender. If it is in harmony, they are very content spending life in a traditional way. If the two gates are not in harmony, then issues can rise.
(see harmony formulas at end of article)

Gate 55:
This is the most volatile of all emotional gates as it is very moody with extreme highs and extreme lows. When the electromagnetic gate 39 appears, suddenly, the 55 is in love and ready to settle into affection. The gate 39 will continue to tease until it knows for sure what it would like to do. This sends the gate 55 into melancholy and excitement, highs and lows, like a powerful elixir of seduction keeping the 55 in a game of chase and on the addictive, emotional roller coaster.


Gate 30:
The gate 30 waves in the air whispering out softly, “Surely, my soulmate is near”. Forever, this mental tape will ring until one finds the gate 41. Once the gate 41 arrives, the sun can shine, the bells can ring and God can speak for the two have finally, become one.




Gate 6:
Gate 6 loves the juiciness of relating with its emotional highs and lows, debates, arguments and extreme drama. A hanging gate is looking for the perfect lover for the perfect sensual experience that is perfectly fertile for creating, which only the 59 can bring. Once it arrives, relief comes with the promise of something new.

Gate 37:
Whoever has this gate, usually, makes a wonderful “wife”, male or female for the gate 40. It is a lovely gate to have in the home because the best food will be served, the house will be clean and order will command the environment. The gate 37 is most happy when it is creating and maintaining home with the natural authority and breadwinner, gate 40.

Gate 22:
Gate 22 is the romanticist. Anyone who has this gate blowing in the wind, is looking for their mate, gate 12, to pull the poetry out of their soul, to write the lyrics to the song they have composed or tickle their nose with the soft fragrance of rose. Until the fated gate 12 arrives, melancholy comes and goes, wishes wrote and sent on wings, heart-broken or not, no one knows until the 12 shows.

Gate 36:
Gate 36 has an extraordinary imagination in love and intimacy, conjuring up the most unusual situations. A new experience, a shocking new reality, a different flavor, seeking the most exotic, sensual, transcendental experience possible, or a life that is steady and comfortable and held in place, which only the gate 35 can provide.

Keep in mind, a harmonious electromagnetic can make two people feel as if they are fated and destined to be together, even with no common ground. The “stickiness” of electromagnetics can be tricky, leading one away from their life purpose, away from a good job or negatively impact relations with family or friends.





Harmony in the I Ching lines

I Ching line number 1 is in harmony with I Ching line 4 and the same goes for line 3 and the line 6 and  line 2 and line 5.

49.3 is in harmony with 19.6

12.5 is in harmony with 22.2

37.1 is in harmony with 40.4 and so on.

You can read more about electromagnetics and compatibility here



Written by Kashi, 2018 APRIL