How to Shower and Cleanse the Aura


Most of the time, people endure an inner chatter that is unfriendly and critical towards their own being as they are moving about during the day. This inner chatter colors the perception of reality and how one experiences life. Inner chatter that is full of fantasy and wanting more is an expression of greed. Inner chatter that is filled with fear is an expression of insecurity and neediness. The build-up of these type of thought-forms drains the vitality of the body, immensely, and speeds up the aging process.

As these thought-forms become lodged inside of one’s aura, an aura shower becomes mandatory, at least once a day.


In the Zen Buddhist and ancient Hindu Yoga traditions, one is taught about the quality of silence gained through ‘dropping of the mind’, a transformation into silencing of inner chatter. As one awakens, slowly the inner chatter quiets down, allowing one to become more peaceful, more vital and youthful. There is no more blessed space than the place of a quiet mind, free of inner chatter or what is often referred to as mental tapes, however, finding that quiet place inside is one of the most difficult states to achieve.


Thought-forms are the fragrance of one’s life, the expression of who one has become.

Inner chatter that runs through the mind is often, the result of the conditioning received during childhood. Thought-forms or inner chatter is also highly influenced by the people that are in the environment. Another source of Inner Chatter is fed and grown through unresolved issues with others, such as interactions that have left unfinished business or incomplete feelings. Even a visit to the grocery store, the hairdresser, the restaurant or coffee shop invites thought-forms that hang in the aura, influencing and coloring the way a person thinks or perceives. This is where the aura shower proves to be necessary, on a regular basis.

Step One for Aura Shower

In order to truly shower the aura, one must first align thoughts with actions.

For example, to tell someone that you love them but don’t really love them makes love vanish from one’s life, completely. To accept employment that is not the type of activity that one enjoys doing is another form of untruth that creates loss, depression and lack of vitality. To concede to another’s wishes or timing when one feels differently inside feeds disease and illness, destroying vitality and increases the mental tapes. This is how misalignment with mind and words create the reality that we experience.

Thoughts are like furniture taking up space in the mind. When we enter into a space of stillness, the forces of silence begin removing the furniture one, by one. You can watch this occurring whilst sitting in deep meditation, which is how the aura ‘shower’ effect happens. However, meditation is ineffective and useless when someone’s mind is full of noise and busy mental chatter.

Following is a technique that you can practice to assist in aligning thoughts with actions. Try this exercise daily for a week. Gradually, things will become a little quieter inside, allowing for a deeper place in meditation where the aura shower actually happens.


Quieting Inner Chatter

Exercise 1

1) With paper and pen, sit quietly for five minutes in an uninterrupted space, looking deep inside your mind. Write down how many ways you are uttering words that you know you can’t back up or you know that you won’t be able to fulfill.

Example: “I really want to stop drinking coffee”…… but you make a cup of coffee anyway.

Write down and detail each event that happens in this way: actions that conflict with thoughts or words that are spoken.


Exercise 2

2) Choose five words to visualize. Sit for a moment and stay with the feeling of the word for a moment. How does it make you feel? What visuals come to mind? How does your body respond to the visual of the word?

Each time you focus on a word, make note of the visuals you are having and how your body is feeling. Then, relax from the feeling of the word and notice the difference between the focus on the word versus how you feel letting go of the word.

Looking back in the exercise, observe and understand how many ways you associate untruths as you sat with the feeling of each word.

Example: WORD: Yellow
What comes to mind: Sun, peach, yellow bell pepper, marigold, the time when someone served yellow cake and it was made with salt instead of sugar.

Because of that one incident, the word ‘yellow’ suddenly reminds you of an unsavory yellow cake.

Upon letting go of the word ‘Yellow”, one relaxes and realizes that the mind is attempting to attach the word to that horrible piece of yellow cake that was served once upon a time. ‘Letting go’ lessens the minds tendency to associate words with creating a story, the mental tapes that run through the mind, over and over.

Allow these simple exercises to reveal the self-defeating inner chatter that works against your ability to thrive and enjoy life. Through aligning actions with thoughts, vitality increases and inner chatter diminishes.

This is the first step towards experiencing an aura shower.


Written by Kashi Stone 2017