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“Whole life is nothing but perceiving beyond perception. Whoever perceives beyond perception becomes powerful, alive, enlightened, liberated, pure consciousness, manifesting powers.
It is all about perceiving beyond perceptions.”

— H. H. Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s message on 27 July, 2017



As we learn and discover more about “Chakras”, the more we understand how consciousness moves and grows throughout human evolution.

Inside each being is a permanent atom that reincarnates, lifetime after lifetime, evolving through thousands upon thousands of lifetimes and through countless energy systems contained inside a physical body.

A human’s evolutionary state can actually be determined by the condition of their centers, which are creating and holding their form in physical manifestation.

With each lifetime, comes the talents or skills that the Crystal has acquired and developed over previous lifetimes, as well as the character strengths for evolving forward containing the imprint of each parent.


A permanent atom re-incarnates each lifetime, attached to the ‘incompletions’, fears, desires or interactions with other permanent atoms from previous lifetimes and dictates the reincarnation process. During this process, it is unaware of the ”Higher Self”.

This lack of awareness keeps the permanent atom chained to the cycles of life/death/rebirth, the path of ‘pain and suffering’. The life experiences are intended to shape and cultivate the PC (The Ego and the Emotional Body), gradually bringing a state of integration and balance with multi-dimensional awareness into the vehicle.

Slowly, humans are taken through an evolutionary process that is intended to merge the physical reality with the spiritual reality. And this can be observed through the gradual unfolding of chakras cultivated with each lifetime.

Through behavior and activity, the point of consciousness is revealed in accordance to which chakras are open, stimulated and the current state of health of each chakra.

Depending on thought streams determines the nature of priorities and how a person experiences life. Humanity’s focus on relationship, procreation, and survival clearly indicate that the point of consciousness resides on a mass level, in the Sacral and Solar Plexus centers.



Written by Kashi Stone, March 2018