Money, Friends, Respect and Truth

Money is such a delicate issue amongst friends and family. It can cause terrible problems in life and mostly in love relationships and secondly in families. It can be like a toxic poison or it can be like the honey that floats on top of buttered bread.

It is a strong force in its ability to change peoples’ lives for the better or the worse, radically. And it does dictate our attention and focus of love. We all become monkeys when people start dangling the almighty dollar in our face.

When we are dealing with money, we are looking at the health of our Root Chakra, the chakra for managing stress, pressures of life, and survival for the wellbeing of our physical body.

The Root Chakra is also the barometer of patience and ability to trust and surrender to the flow of life. It is where the seed of calmness rests and takes root in our process of awareness. It is a very important chakra for the transformation of our physical form.

As the force of energy rises up out of the Root Chakra, it pushes energy into the Sacral Chakra to create, manifest and stimulate more. Through that pressure to create more, life is perpetuated and guaranteed some sort of survival.

How energy is spent in manifesting, creating more and enjoying the abundance of all that life has to offer is determined through the health of those two chakras and their relationship to the Throat Chakra.

If someone has allowed their mind to talk them into doing something that their body really doesn’t want to do then they are going to be challenged and suffering physically in some way, such as lung problems, digestion issues and autoimmune diseases. If there are health issues related to the throat, ears and neck, then there may be activities occurring that challenge the authentic individual expression.

When there are pressures for survival and fears that drive a person into activities that are not in alignment with their integrated purpose, then we see illnesses such as prostrate cancer, blown adrenals and hip problems.

It is actually easy to see the disease that our thoughts and mental tapes create when we step back and disconnect for a view. And it is easy to see how our choices concerning money rule over the matters of the heart contributing to this dynamic.

Money also plays a significant role in the process of enlightenment. Our relationship with money dictates our ability to transcend, evolve and move beyond our petty fears or our passions and the desires that keep us locked in defeating patterns.

We witness this relationship demonstrated through the examples of “holy men” or sages who leave everything behind to wander, surrender and break free from a system that is feeding off our life force, in some way. That same system uses money to control, manipulate and value life causing us to stay trapped in an unnatural way of life. Human life is meant to be traveled slowly, one day at a time, one year at a time, moving, growing and changing, not in a state of stasis without change.

There is a fine line between not needing money and desperately needing money for whatever it is that one is feeling a lack of. When I speak of “not needing”, I am speaking of an attitude, not a disregard. There is no concern, no lack, no yearning. All needs are met in the one who is not desperately trying to obtain the next thing. This is the rule of the universe.

For many, the shadow side of money is the tendency towards arrogance when there is an abundance. The ego feels a smug sense of elite and better than others and just an edge beyond. And when the ego is being tested, exercised and challenged, the results will determine: sickness, illness, misfortune, lack of trust or loneliness and the possibility of a future life as a beggar; there is no mercy: money or no money.

But if we are detached, if we are beyond the fear that keeps us prisoner to a false way of life, we find a magical potion developed in the movement of slow.

If one studies astrology deeply, it becomes obvious that there are amazing benefits to moving much slower than most of the world operates. But sometimes it takes a lifetime or a few to discover that one can truly live outside the constraints of an unnatural world. In the slow lane, sweet nectar of opportunity comes knocking. However, most of the time, these important opportunities are never experienced, tasted or lived. Placated the mind becomes inside the comfort zone of tradition.

Every person has a unique trajectory that they are traveling and a unique story for how they are sustaining themselves. We can’t compare since this is God’s unique design for each individual. However, there are basic truths revealed in the science of astrology regarding a person’s relationship with money and their destiny.

When we take into account how Jupiter is positioned in the chart, we can see what types of opportunities are there for gaining or getting ahead in life. When we become emotionally attached, we lose out on some of the best opportunities in life that Jupiter is bringing our way. When we do get to taste the bounty of opportunity, then Jupiter watches to see how the ego responds. If the ego is out of control, it will take everything. A person in ego will encounter the bad guys, they will be taken for granted, many things can happen that slaps the hand that has no grace.

And then there are those who are not allowed to earn money for a period of time because of the lessons that are necessary to grow and shape the character. My life path shows that I have been held under a roof – creating a limitation to what I could manifest because there were important lessons for me to gain. This limitation is a transit that has lasted for eighteen years. This year, it finally lifts and I can stretch my arms and enjoy the fruits of my harvest.

Every person has a unique story in relation to money and how it comes, goes, teaches, gives and empowers. However, there is one common thread found throughout all the money stories: No matter how much or how little you have, it can’t buy enlightenment nor the ecstasy that comes with it. That proves just how much power money truly has.

When one begins to live in a state of trust, a state of contentment with no need, no excess, no greed, then one has the ability to step into a different reality where magic dictates and serendipity governs. In this place of magic, the rules operate so differently from the rest of the world. It would be almost impossible to find this sweet magical spot of existence if one was deeply comfortable in the luxury of the material realm.

This is our task at hand in our evolutionary theme, finding the middle point and defining the true state of wealth.



Enjoy Life! ~ Kashi