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Most Poisonous Thought-Current

One of the most devitalizing and poisonous thought currents that runs through the emotional mind is the active thought of suspicion. Suspicion is an immediate reaction that is fostered out of the state of “mistrust”.

The word trust, in Latin and French interpretation is associated with the root word “strong”, identifying a special kind of strength in a type of character that is immersed in the qualities of truth and reliability.

When we review the mechanics in operation through the Human Design science, we find that reliability and truth are often compromised in those areas of definition that create insecurity and fear. These emotional attributes are manifested through the three lower centers and are exemplified through the Spleen with the pressure that leads towards the Ego or Heart Center, the Sacral and into in the Solar Plexus.

If there is a distortion in chemistry, pressure, openness, activation, not-self behavior and so on, in these areas of the bodygraph, we see the type of character that is insecure, speaks stories that distort the truth and commits themselves to tasks that they cannot realistically fulfill. Tremendous fear builds up inside, distorting all interaction with others and with our self.


Over 75% of humanity has an open Ego center on their Human Design bodygraph and almost half of the population have an open Solar Plexus, the two key areas where illusion resides.

This means that most of civilization is fearful, insecure and challenged at being honest or reliable at following through on their commitments or honoring their word. Many find it easier to agree to something but soon forget about their commitment and move on, or they have become numb to any communication that has meaning or follow through.

In this place of numbness, words become empty and are simply used to fill in the gaps. Passion for life purpose loses strength, considerably, when the words that we speak lose authenticity and become noise for releasing pressure or appeasing the demands that are made on us by others.

If only, we uttered those words that were pure, kind, empowering, honest, and positive in nature, how different our world would be and how much better we would all feel inside.


The next time something has been misplaced, watch your immediate first thoughts. Are you suspicious that someone near has taken it?

The constant suspicion of others and the lack of trust that can brew in our mind, is using the imagination in a dark, unhealthy way. Suspicious thought currents cause rapid devitalization of the body and a weakening of the immune system, becoming susceptible to disease. When thoughts of suspicion control the mind, it poisons the very heart of the family or group; it happens so easily, it is subtle, and unconscious.

If there are thoughts of suspicion occurring in one’s own mind, one can begin to change  and address these thoughts through reaching out and assisting others. In so doing, the thought currents of suspicion gradually fade away from the mind.  One will find that the very act of service creates one of the most powerful transformations to occur in the emotional body.

It is good to ask sometimes: “How can I assist?”

But only if it is in a direction that is healthy and there is a genuine interest in assisting someone. Feigned affection and concern feels awful on the subtle plane, to everyone.

Compromising one’s well-being to assist another is not service, either. It is good to gain understanding of balance and direction in one’s own being and from there, be in service when it is appropriate, always, speaking from a place of truth.

The next time you cannot find something, stop your natural tendency to be suspicious of the other and take time to deeply review your previous steps. You will probably find what you are looking for.

A great place to begin a new pattern.



~ written by Kashi Stone,  February 2018