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Mutation of Bodygraph and Form

“When an individual or society does not comprehend its responsibility to think, behave and act based on practical spiritual wisdom towards the righteousness in the society, no God can do it on behalf of ignorant individual or society.”
~ Stefan Pecho


The rising interest in eastern spiritual studies, the new age, the dawning of the Age of Aquarius and the rise of esoteric sciences in the western, modern world has led humanity into a grand awakening, naturally.

In the Program or “Maya”, as it is called, all beings are living out a destiny that has been written by the stars, working out an evolutionary process. In this process, a human can excel, succeed and win or they crash into the depths of defeat. The journey through the program is one of contraction and expansion, through the laws of karma, playing out the subtle laws of cause and effect. You can witness this play between opposites through reading one’s astrological map and the conditions indicated through planetary positions. If one pays close attention to the movements, one will see their very actions are in accordance to the influence of specific planets, in that very moment in time.

It has been taught since ancient times that there are disciplines that one can apply that will transcend the grip of the planets and their destiny imposed upon a life form. Through the lives of spiritual teachers, states of consciousness have been achieved bearing the validity of the process and methods taught. This school of spirituality is also known as yoga, which is defined as the merging of spirit, body and mind into a state of union, or integration.

Through this ancient school of enlightenment, to transcend the grip of the program, one must apply radical disciplines, which slowly transform and mutate the Solar Plexus. In the enlightened mutation of the Solar Plexus, forces are given access for higher chakras to become active and in control of the vehicle.

In the article, Three-Part Mutation of the Solar Plexus, greater detail is given on how this mutation takes place, gradually, inside of one’s own system. You can read more here.

This powerfully transforming process is often, put into action through initiation from a spiritual teacher or “guru”. However, transcending requires one to climb the ladder of yoga, step-by-step, achieving levels of awareness in accordance with one’s own efforts. The basic premise of the teaching takes an individual through a disciplinary process that builds character and a state of confidence, which transcends many of the ego or emotional body maladies or mental tapes and its powerful grip on life forces.

Although a spiritual teacher can be very helpful making the process a little smoother or gentler, still, one is left on their own accord to follow their own inner being and left to act on those decisive moments that lead towards transcendence ~ or not. In this space of transcendence, time and space no longer exists as one can see the design of endless play of opposites, pressures and frictions, causing humanity to experience and grow thru pain and joy.

One of the greatest messages that Ra Uru Hu brought forth in his teachings of Human Design is the understanding of the emotional body and the mechanics of its TYPE. Including, the understanding of how the mutation of the Solar Plexus occurs, ultimately changing the bodygraph in Human Design. You can witness the onset of this massive change through the new logo adopted, a meditation symbol in place of the bodygraph. Perhaps, a bit out of place but you can see, someone is thinking and pondering the future of things to come.

In the Rave I Ching Line Companion, Part 2, Ra expounds on gate 55, a gate of the Solar Plexus and its significance to the genetic, evolutionary pattern. Through those who have this gate in their chemistry, a fire for change and evolution exists for ushering in this new age that is upon us. In gate 55, we find the most volatile emotional activation in the mandala yet, the most primed and ready for mutation. In this gate activation rests, how the individual feels in the moment for meeting their own needs; a very individual way of behaving. In this place of keen individuality that is dialed into uniqueness and life path, one is removed from the “Tribal” reality and comes present, in the moment, unencumbered by an emotional wave or the emotional body attachments.

Only one who is free of sorrow can truly lead humanity forward through the mutation and activation of the Heart Center, as a true representation of what it means to be awake. Hence, as the science purports and contends, those who transcend the grip of the emotional body experience great states of bliss and ecstasy.

This sweet state of bliss can only happen through the disciplines applied in a diligent way, as eloquently taught by those who know. A quiet, still emotional body naturally draws the correct people and the best experiences for a blessed life journey.



~ Kashi Stone,    March 2018