Nature of Ego

Learning how to live together in harmony, inside a family, a group or a collective is a fertile testing ground for one’s own level of patience, grace and maturity.

If there are any ‘kinks’ or pressure in a person’s chemistry, as the bodygraph depicts, then one finds the weak point or the challenge that one must endure in this life while interacting and relating with others. This is where the ego is reprimanded, refined, conditioned or transformed.

Often, humans experience the maturation level of the Ego in accordance with the expression of their “Not-Self” person. The ‘Not-self’ person is expressed through the kinks and pressure points along with open centers, which causes distortion in how a mind perceives and moves through life. These distortions first express in thoughts entertained as one is moving about and conducting activities throughout the day.

Let’s look at a few examples for better understanding of what I am attempting to convey:

Ego #1
Pressure points: Gates 37, 39, 18

Emotional and Root Center pressures in this MG, create a pessimistic nature that often, calls out the faults of others. There is an emotional pressure that is driving this person towards sexual intimacy and the desire for a life partner. With open Head centers, they are going to feel as though they have all the answers yet continue to be very curious and ask lots of questions. There will be a tendency to censor the truth and color the facts, too.

Ego #2
Pressure Points: Gates 6, 49, 29, 17, 26

This Manifestor is pushed into searching for logical answers and to express opinions, whenever possible. There is also pressure to connect sexually and an emotional yearning for the right partner in life. This person is a Quadruple Split so their thought-field is orchestrated according to how they are getting connected in their environment. With the open Sacral Center, they are going to continuously yearn for what they desire, yet never reach a point of satisfaction or fulfillment. With three motors and the channel 45/21, this Manifestor is a very independent spirit with a lot of energy that enjoys doing its own thing.

Ego #3
Pressure points: Gates 40, 36, 31, 50, 32, 28

This person has a wide split between defining areas, causing a huge disconnect between body and mind. No matter what, the Solar Plexus is going to display the most prominent ego character. Here, the pressure is to connect for new, sexual experiences, to build a homestead that they can manage and control and pressure to begin new things. Often, they will initiate when it is highly incorrect, instead of responding to how their body feels in the moment. There is also a tendency towards haunting, fear related thoughts or neediness with the open Spleen and the three gates blowing in the wind. They will spend most of their time seeking out the people or the person who bridges their wide split, regardless of compatibility or love.


The most common Ego expression is competition. The fierce competitive tendency of the Ego mind is prevalent in both undefined and defined Ego’s but uniquely expressed in each.

The defined Ego loves a good spar, a challenging competition or a good boxing match. To the defined Ego, any moment they can exercise a little muscle to get their own way or spar for a win, they are turned on and ready to go. It is exciting for them.

The undefined Ego competes from a place of insecurity, fear or victimhood. The undefined Ego loves the opportunity for a good spar and a chance to kick ass but there is a slight hesitation hiding behind the exertion. There is also the feeling of defeat before the spar begins and they cannot help but prove, hoping that the insecurity fades and the pressure dissipates.

This is how the point of consciousness is expressed sitting in the Solar Plexus; it is impulsive, competitive, reactive, sparring and warring; it is also possessive, victimized, jealous and covet. Each of these attributes create tremendous pressure in the body system.

With the Solar Plexus also comes a heavy stone in the stomach. The stronger the ego expression, the more the belching, ulcers, cancer of the stomach and other associated illnesses.

Pressure can be so unpleasant.

But it can be managed.

Managing Ego begins with watching thoughts.

Watching thoughts as one is waking up to greet the day

Watching thoughts as one is preparing breakfast

Watching thoughts as one is brushing hair

Watching thoughts as one drives the car to work

Watching thoughts in conversation and sharing

We must be mindful in all actions as thoughts influence and create life. Critical, negative thinking lowers the vibration, so does a judging spirit that condemns and accuses. However, when we are in a place of truth and transparency, in a place of authenticity, the Ego is naturally subdued with integrity as the core navigation.

Integrity is loving one’s body enough to nourish with the types of food that bring high vibration into our body. Integrity is aligning with the correct environment and people so that one can thrive; integrity is saying “no” when the energy begins to drain and starts to create pain.

Integrity is moving towards what feels right in the body, eases the mind and brings relaxation.

May integrity navigate and transform the nature of Ego.


Written by Kashi Stone / 2017