Thank you!

“Dear Kashi ~
I wanted to add a note that I got my first newsletter thingy and LOVED IT. Another tidbit for me to look forward to. I really enjoy the way you present the information, with high intelligence, deep soul and much love.
Thank you”

“Dear Kashi,
I so appreciate everything I have learned from you about “our” Design.
Thanks for the Sunday paper. Yours is the only one I read.”

I just love your Newsletter. Each Sunday is like a mini Christmas. It surprises me how few people are into this.”

“Aloha Kashi,
This newsletter of yours, really hit a nerve. ….I really appreciate that you take the time to write these weekly newsletters, it really helps me with my understanding of HD.
I’m a big fan!
Please keep up the good work!”

“You are indeed an excellent “transmitter” of HD information & practical application.
So I’m very glad you’ve decided to make your work widely available.”

“Thank you Kashi for a enlightening and enjoyable Sunday news letter. Your efforts are recognized and appreciated!”

Hello dear Kashi,
thank you very much!
I am very happy and touched to read your words and very grateful for your “blessed act of love” now!
I am always looking forward to reading your “honey words” on sundays! 🙂

“i really enjoy reading ur newsletters and love to read a generators perspective since i am a pure MG and most of my closest HD friends are projectors:-)”

I’m enjoying your newsletter. It’s got lots of useful information, can’t wait to read more!

Thank you so much. It’s really helpful when someone is able to translate this stuff into real world application, it’s a gift you have. I find that many in the community just share general comments which personally doesn’t help me much.

“I’ve been in a partnership with my wife, an unemotional generator, for nearly twenty years now and our understanding of each other has grown at an extraordinary pace since starting our experiment in Human Design two years ago.
Nowhere have we learned more than in the difference between our defined and undefined emotional centres.
Your newsletter has brought all that learning and experience together into one perfect summary – thank-you!“

“Here and there since you’ve started on youtube, I’ve enjoyed your videos for your insights. I also found you to be a unique personality, a certain type of feminine presence. I admire your peaceful childlike way. What’s interesting to me is how much study you seem to have done, towards what appears to be a priestess kind of path. You’re an interesting example to me, and I have enjoyed Human Design. As a Manifesting Generator, this is my ‘uh-huh’ response to your videos.

Thank you for the information you’ve shared. “

“Myself and the world is so happy your light is shining even brighter so more people can hear this wonderful information. I am so grateful when I can turn on my computer and see and hear you and digest the information.”

“I’ve studied, now practicing, living my correct self for a couple of years now. I’ve stumbled along the way, for sure, however I feel that I “get it”. I’m not saying that I could answer questions, as to what each gate/channel represents in a big picture scheme of things, but I’m not sure that I need to. My brain says: yeah, go for it dude. Learn everything you possibly can, about HD. I guess I’m more of a feeling human, by nature, and I’m “feeling” like I’ve got the fundamentals down. HD, along with YOUR ability to articulate, has literally transformed me in ways not measurable with existing instruments known to man.”

“Thank you Kashi ! very informative ! i’d take one of these every day !!! have a great week!”

“Aloha Kashi!
I’ve been meaning to write and thank you for your great Sunday letters, I’ve only now come up for air! So thank you for your efforts, your writing is spot on! Every piece has hIt home with me and furthered my understanding of living “correctly”.”

“This was a wonderful read…..calmed my Spirit….”

“Sloooow floooow. It is luxurious. I love it. Thank you and please continue to remind me, promote that. The whole world loves that, when we act without pressure. And just enjoy. ”
A whole new chapter. A new vibration.

“Kashi, every week, your letters start me off on my “sabbath”, a sojourn, down the rabbit-hole that is HD. Never, have I been more interested in a topic, and your unique insight, has made it possible for my comprehension. I “get it”, thanksto you!”

Thank you very much for the newsletters I receive from you.
I appreciated them a lot since I recognized so much you wrote and therefore it gave me more consciousness about certain subjects.
I hope to ask you in the future for some coaching.

Thank you for your words, Kashi…
It always calms my frequency down reading your letters….
Being an MG with only ajna, head and g being open my not self is always
concerned about love, direction and identity in my life…
I know your open centers (head, ajna, throat, g) and somehow the clean
frequency of those and your design in general gives me peace….
It helps me to unplug from the madness/the not self…

Life is such an adventure, isn’t it? I love being an open G, what a gift!
I really enjoyed your newsletter, Sunday! So much so, that I got an idea for you. Ready?
Do a Dear Abbey, or “Dear Kashi” column! I really think this could be a big hit for you, plus I think you would help, a lot of people. …. The thought of reading a column like this, excites me some how.

Myself and the world is so happy your light is shining even brighter so more people can hear this wonderful information. I am so gratetful when I can turn on my computer and see and hear you and digest the information

“Dear Kashi,
At this point, you are singing to the choir. I never thought I’d say this, because of the racket the mental tapes make sometimes, however I am living proof that “surrendering”, works!

I was having the most difficult time, for months, waiting for something to give, for a break, an opportunity to make some real money, to pay my bills, and I’m not even sure how I was able to let go, but I did, and now it’s raining on me, from every where!

At first I thought it was the law of attraction, finally catching up to me. From your last few newsletters, I can now see the light, and you are so right! Just surrender. It sounds too simple, but it is the way the universe works. You figured it out, and I’m so grateful you were able to articulate this in a way, even I could understand.

Thank you Kashi!”

“…Such depth in so few words. You communicate your teachings so beautifully through experience, silence, your words and writings. I have been sending your newsletter to friends.”

….looking forward to your next Sunday News – as always… such a pleasure to read it, it’s how I start my Sunday… loooooved the article about coffee!!

Thank you for your newsletter! It’s always interesting and thought-provoking……many thoughtful and fascinating articles.”

“I just read an article you wrote back in 2012 called “The ‘When and How’ of the Open Throat” — it was posted in our FB Human Design Projectors V.I.P. Lounge. I appreciated the clarity and structure of the writing and also how much I think I took in about the awareness and the not-self unawareness of being open there. So cool!
I especially enjoyed these lines:
“It moves like a panther through a jungle of thoughts, voices, words, sighs and laughter. And when it speaks, just like the graceful, powerful pounce of the jungle cat, it is eloquent, appropriate, effective, practical and very often astoundingly perceptive.”
……Anyway, I love the potential of the open centers and now that I’ve read this piece I feel a deepening curiosity and appreciation for the throat in its openness.
Thanks so much. I look forward to checking out more articles on your website.”

“Mystical Life Coach Goddess ~ This is why I never second guess you”

“Sign me up!
I enjoy your thoughts and writing style. “

“Hello Kashi
Thank you for the editions; I’ve really missed my Sunday News :)”

I’ve been enjoying your site. Please include me on the Sunday News list!”

“I love to learn about HD, especially through your experiences, through your eyes. The hotel experience was a great example! I can relate to you, and to other “emotionals” much better, through my understanding of HD. I have mostly you, to thank for this.
Something in my design, makes me feel like I need to stand up, protect you emotionals, from those that want to take advantage of your, other than spontaneous engagement. Maybe, b/c I had five sisters, all “EA”, growing up. I actually like that feeling of being the “big brother”.
Thank you for another great Sunday newsletter!”

“Great email, Kashi 🙂
touched me a lot!
I am a 5/1 MG with 4 motors and open G 🙂
I can relate to so many things that you say …
thank you so much for your Sunday sharings … 🙂
always looking forward to read them …”

“I would like to subscribe to your Newsletter please!
I am an emotional Manifestor and what you have been writing on your website about the Manifestor was so deeply touching and moving, i think i read it about 100 times.
Thank you!“

“I love your website … very touching …. and your article about the open G center …
well, I still wanna trade mine … 😉 well, my mind wants to do that …
love to read the HDS info through your glasses and frequency …”

“I am sooooo very grateful for your emails.
Bless you”

“Hi Kashi,
Great newsletter!
I am easily recognizing how I operate from the mental tapes from my Spleen and I noticed that I feel most relaxed when I allow myself to be guided on adventures by my open G.
I am having such magical experiences and feeling myself!
Love to you,”

“Thank you for sharing your beautiful website and all the information you provide. It has been incredibly helpful on my recently started journey with Human Design.”

“Thank you Kashi,
I have found your info on the Projector has been the most helpful thus far. I’m using the mantra “I wait for a formal invitation that is just right for me” That is what prompted me to sign up. I look forward to receiving your newsletter.

“IMHO, you have outdone yourself this time! Excellent, excellent newsletter.
The Wild Horses, especially resonates with me.”

Hello dear Kashi,
I just wanted to say that I really love your articles on your website …..
You have so much loving and intuitive and soft and strong insight … and you deliver your knowledge in a very practical and for me understandable way …

Aloha and thank you,

“Aloha Kashi!
Thank you so much for your Sunday letter. It feels like you are specifically speaking to me every week and I thoroughly enjoy reading what you have to say!”

“I always look forward to your Sunday email. You are a special part of my past and every Sunday a part of my NOW !
Thank you Kashi love you xxx”

“Thank you Kashi, for being a first class flight attendant, on this life-flight. If it wasn’t for you, I would be flying stand-by! You also taught me to put on my own oxygen mask first, before putting on someone else’s. The greatest part of this flight, on Open G Airlines, is that we never quite know where the plane is headed, however, after surrendering my passport, the turbulence has been non-existent!
Hope you are enjoying the summer!”