Relating · Self-Awareness

Not / Seeking a Relationship

People express that they would like to know and understand themselves better but often, the astrology wish list ends with the desire to find their mate.

Very rarely, do I encounter a person who is content being alone with themselves, not seeking romance, not seeking a sensual experience nor looking for a dramatic love affair.

Almost everybody wants to “fall in love”.

When we explore deeper into this mystery of romance, love, partnership and bonds, we dive into the mechanics of the Sacral Chakra, defined or undefined Sacral center, to gain greater understanding of why this desire is so strong in the human condition.

What we find is that how we perceive ourselves, how much in touch we are with who we are, determines how this center operates or if it is in a state of collapse, as most human Sacral chakras are.

The ancient Sanskrit word for the Sacral chakra, Swadhisthana translates as “one’s own place”, governing our self-esteem, our personal power and the emotions that we use to control our reality.

It is in this center where we process our detachments from our mother first, then our father and his ability to support that transition. These moments and feelings of separation are intended to help foster our individuality and sense of self. Around the age of twenty-five, one evolves into what is considered the expression of an adult, shaped by their environment and the result of this key experience with mother and father.

How we have been raised and treated determines the way our feeling body develops and matures and what kind of an adult we have become. It’s a bonus when someone near is feeling joy, happiness, inspiration and hope. A healthy Sacral chakra exudes a content and peaceful state while feeling a sense of beauty as it moves and interacts with life.

However, most humans experience the physical body ailments that manifest from complications with the Sacral chakra. Those challenging conditions are expressed through the hips, legs, lower back, rectum and uterus. We can also find the root of addictions, nervous system diseases, urinary tract problems, reproductive issues and headaches stemming from the condition of this chakra.

We hold our thoughts and the intentions of our desires, emotions, feelings, pleasure, sexuality and nurturance here, too. It is a place where truth can be felt, or not.

The Sacral center hums, moving along in life, emitting a frequency. Within that frequency is the level of integration expressed through authenticity.

Spend one day watching how your mind chooses to think, the thoughts that run through your mind; how you express yourself to others, such as playing down or building one’s self up, boasting. And then how you behave in relation to how you present yourself, in person and then, alone. Does it all match?

How your life expresses itself across the board is an indication of your overall state of mental, emotional and physical health.

Lack of integration in thought currents, speech, and action, create a lack of integration in one’s relationships, work, creativity, and day to day activities. Lack of integration blocks flow and becomes the source of difficulties and challenges.

But if the aura remains clear, stable, unique and individual, then something magical happens that is incredibly fulfilling, satisfying, rewarding and appropriate.

Realization then, comes.

There is no reason to seek relationship, we are relationship.



Written by Kashi Stone / 2018, July