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Open Your Heart



In Human Design, we find that the Heart Center is recognized by three different names: Ego, Heart and Will. There are no instructions in the teachings as to when and how the different names are to be used nor why. Ra Uru Hu, the founder of Human Design, put a clever little twist that leaves one slightly baffled as to which name to use and when; leaving the seeker in their own discovery to unravel this mystery that he painted into the process.

If we come back to the ancient teaching of the science of Yoga, we gain better understanding behind the intention of the three names given to this center and clarity comes. In the teaching of Yoga, there are seven major chakras, also known as centers. Each of these seven chakras relate to seven major glands in the body. These seven major glands are the physical representation of our etheric body, which contains the records of our past lives, karma, and skills developed from previous lives; it also indicates the current stage of evolution.

There are two major streams of energy that enter the physical body producing its activity and the impression that it makes on its environment and the people in it. One stream comes through the top of the Head Chakra, functioning with the Personality. The second, smaller stream enters the Spleen organ vitalizing the atoms and the cells of the body with life force. This smaller stream is intended to rise into the Heart Chakra, meeting with the larger stream that is pouring down through the Crown Chakra; in turn, this opens the Heart Chakra and vivifies it into activity and into alignment with our Higher Self. However, most people miss the larger stream and stay focused in the smaller stream, expressing through the Solar Plexus. At death, passing through the Solar Plexus, one maintains chords connected to others or left over, unfinished karmic business that needs to be completed so the reincarnation continues.

Psychically, one can see a person’s thought process and observes that most of humanity thinks and experiences life through their Solar Plexus, which is also known as the ‘lower mind’. In the lower mind, we find the Type that is referred to in the Human Design teachings, which has a direct connection to our digestion process and significates the importance of the Primary Health System (PHS), a branch of the advanced Human Design teachings.

The lower mind is an expression of the emotional body.  It is important to understand that every human being has an emotional body, holding a grip on the lower mind and in control of the life.

In the emotional Solar Plexus hub, one is driven to connect from a place of desire and becomes a product of the environment and the people in it, first and foremost.

Who one chooses to share space with, determines who one is.


When there are gross distortions of energy in the environment or highly incompatible energies, disease sets in. Most people take on frequencies that are highly inappropriate, like what happens with electromagnetics. Electromagnetic pulls people together who are very different in frequency yet, the electrical charge that comes with the connection feels very delicious, especially in the beginning of a relationship. After the years go by, this type of connection takes its toll on the physical body and the distortion can no longer be maintained as sickness sets in.


For instance:

Lynda was in great health and enjoying life; she had a thriving career, she was making great money and she had bought her own home with the savings that she had collected over the past several years. Yet, there was one thing missing in her life and occasionally, she would dive into melancholy wishing that she had a companion.

One day she met John. It was a moment she would never forget. Their eyes locked, the hearts beat faster and the heat seem to rise in both of their bodies whenever they were close to one another. It felt as though fate had brought them together. They had to kiss, which led to a romance.

Lynda and John got married. Neither of them had felt anything like the love they shared, ever before, with anyone. When they first hooked up, it didn’t matter that John was unemployed, had no savings nor did he know how to cook. He had other great skills that complimented the current needs of Lynda: fixing the gutters, mowing the lawn and taking out the garbage. Life was perfect at 2049 Streamline Rd.

Eventually, the love-making became routine and slightly boring. This caused the energy to shift a bit in the relationship and change the perspective, held in the mind, of the other. But because of tradition, Lynda refused to believe that John may be the ‘wrong’ kind of mate for her. And because of the power of the chemistry, she feared that she may never meet a greater lover, again. This sensation of chemistry held her deeply in the bond. John greatly enjoyed the security that Lynda provided, the comfortable home, the delicious food that filled the refrigerator and the snuggle company each night when he crawled into bed. He was slightly bored with Lynda but he feared what life would be like if he had to go back and live ‘dorm life’ again so he painted a smile on his face as he went about his business, fantasizing of greater times.  He had a very vivid imagination.

Eventually, Lynda’s energy body began to wither with the lack of integrity in the relationship. John really, wanted to be free and engaged in other romances. He also had no drive, leaving the majority of expenses in Lynda’s lap. Combined with the lack of integrity, the health problems and the added responsibilities, life began to take its toll on Lynda’s health.

If Lynda could gain the strength to break free from the relationship, there might be a chance of recovery. But, like most people, she may not be strong enough to love herself to make the necessary changes.

This brings us back to the Heart Center.

The love that most people experience does not come from the Heart Center it comes from the Solar Plexus, where the ego sits. In this ‘lower mind’ there is competition, comparing, misunderstandings and irritation with a critical nature. There is also a lack of integrity through words not matching actions, and so on. It feels awful. It is nearly impossible to experience consciousness in the Heart Center if there is an over-blown ego in the environment.

When the Ego makes an evolutionary shift towards the Heart Center, the Solar Plexus, the emotional body and the intellect transform; life changes completely and takes on an entirely different quality. This explains why environment is so important and the people living in it. Even the air that one breathes has a completely different quality when one is centered in the Heart Chakra.

Including, the interests and activities of the opened Heart Chakra change dramatically as one loses interest in competition and the drive to push forward on the material plane, becoming more patient and understanding the work that one is here to do.

At the level of Heart Center, one realizes and enjoys their true life calling.

One also loses interest in connecting sexually discovering that it reinforces the strength of ‘lower mind’ and the Ego.


Once this awareness is gained, the energies of the hormones and sex organs are transmuted and sent upward and used for higher forms of creativity.

When the Heart Center is open and activated as the point of consciousness, one naturally moves into alignment with those who are of similar like-mindedness.  Once a person begins making the right connections, the true work that is meant to be expressed is easily supported and furthered. There are still lessons to learn, pushing one further into their process and growth. How one chooses and heeds their intuition, determines the ride with the Heart. Many people go back and forth between Solar Plexus and Heart consciousness, especially during these changing times.

Through an intelligent use of our own willpower over the entanglements of desire or passion, we find our connection with source.  Innocence returns, energy and vitality fill the body and extraordinary works of creativity spin through the fingers of a joyful person.

This is how one opens the heart, moving beyond ego, embracing the true nature of an awakened Heart Chakra.

Gathering together with like-minded people creating and manifesting something helpful, practical and necessary for the uplifting of humanity, is the movement of the heart.

Learning how to interact and support each other into higher expressions of divinity while surrounded by beauty and deeply grounded into the core of one’s life expression, is a fabulous environment for one to thrive.



Written by Kashi Stone 2017