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Plight for Integrity

One morning, I walked into the coffee shop greeted by my “Reflector” friend working behind the counter , “I figured it out Kashi, it’s all about integrity”.

“Yes, I agree, I have been noticing it myself”, I respond, delighted to hear that someone was on the same page as me.

How more real can we get?

How much more of our mask must we remove to get to the ultimate state of integrity?

When he could get away for a break, we sat down together and had a chat.



Our process of self-awareness brings us closer to a more authentic way of being.

It opens us up to see that everything is a frequency. Every moment is a tone, a vibration, a ripple in the world around us influencing and creating. If there is a lack of integrity, it ripples out far and wide, leaving an impact on our reality and our destiny and everyone around us.

Fears reveal our lack of integrity, sometimes.

It is useful to look at fears that creep up and see where one is slightly out of alignment with truth and integrity. The mind will try to rationalize many things and try to sweep fear under the carpet. But, if one searches when the fear arises, one can see where one is lacking self-love, lacking trust in what life brings and entertaining thoughts that are driving the life ~ in the wrong direction.

Fear of speaking the truth: How honest we are with others, how real we express how we feel and how clear we are in what we want, say and do demonstrates our level of honesty. Do our inside thoughts match what comes out of our mouth? If not, then it may manifests as neck problems and spinal misalignment.

Fear of letting go: Co-dependant relationships are maintained out of fear of being alone, fear for survival or fear of not being accepted and loved for who we are. The manifestation of this fear in the body is seen through a weak immune system that may entertain colds, earaches, sore throats and other similar, viral infections.

Fear of the unknown: “What will happen?”, “Why is this happening?”, “Where is that?”, and “What is this?”. You hear these thoughts play when one is caught in the fear of needing to know. This fear is seen through chronic headaches caused from over-thinking and devitalizing the body sending one into bed for a deep sleep, often.

It is very helpful to speak the truth, making sure what we are thinking matches with what we are saying.

A very important key to better physical and mental health.





written by Kashi Stone, 2015