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Points of Consciousness

Inside each one of us there is this core place that a person operates from as they are moving about, interacting and experiencing life on the physical plane. I call this core place, “point of consciousness”.

In this “point of consciousness”, a person moves and intends all actions and behaviours.

This “point of consciousness” comes from only one chakra center at a time aurag-2and is where the mind is sitting and focused on certain mental tapes. It is the thread of thought that the mind has taken a hold of and is using to color and live out the daily life experience.

This “point of consciousness” also changes position according to the person’s attitude and thought field.

There are specific characteristics of “points of consciousness” evident in the stories that are told, the way a person behaves or body posture.

Many people come from a place of victim-hood, fear or a drive to manipulate and have power over another. Some will also manipulate for their needs and just for the thrill of control, watching the other sink into sadness or loss of power.

Some people have a strong attachment to sexuality and spend a lot of mental energy fantasizing, chasing, strategizing on meeting a person. Some people are so mental that they become focused entirely on their mental processes detached completely from their body’s needs, like when one is watching television.

A person who demands control, often, will have a large stomach and the larger the stomach, the greater the control trip that is playing out. If they are on a power trip, health problems manifest around the kidneys, prostrate and heart.

Some people can tend to have a large stomach from not getting enough physical touch and attention and this plays out in digestion problems, addictions to sugar and alcohol as well as a tone of resentment in the background field of their interaction.

If a person has a collapsed chest with sunken shoulders, and a small pouch below in their tummy area, most likely they are feeling like a victim in some way. This “victim hood” is displayed through neediness, stories and blame. There will also be manipulation using emotions to get attention and recognition. Health problems manifest from these “points of consciousness” through the stomach, nervous system, heart, gall bladder and kidneys.

All of these traits are manifestations of the Solar Plexus “point of consciousness”.

A person who is suffering health problems with their reproductive organs, neck, throat, ear and eye problems are associated with the Sacral “point of consciousness”.

The “point of consciousness” that is centered in the middle of the chest and that is rooted in the Heart Center is demonstrated through an open chest, shoulders back and a chin up stance. The energy is smooth, soft, gentle, strong and powerful. The body moves steadily and slow in grace like a deer. It does not emit pressure and the body is mostly free of pain and stress.

The body speaks loudly and clearly the state of mind and the attitude towards life.



Written by Kashi Stone, 2015