Prana Meditation with Kashi

LIVE via internet or In person

In this half-hour meditation a quiet, silent space is created where we sit and relax into stillness.

Gradually, gently and slowly, we tune into higher forces and begin to breathe in PRANA.

This ability to breathe in PRANA clears seeds of disease in the body, quiets the mind, soothes troubling thoughts and frustrations, freshens the aura, removes emotional hooks and gently leads to an opening of the Heart Chakra. This increased PRANA also changes the way a person perceives and senses reality, naturally creating healthy boundaries for a more graceful, fruitful, abundant life.

When PRANA enters the body system, the latent Kundalini energies begin to stir and awaken the neuro-electrical system. This electrical system is the “radio transmitter” of the Higher Self and is used to communicate direction and activities associated with our true life calling. The Higher Self rejoices when it is allowed to navigate and direct life activities whilst connecting us with the best people to carry out the work in collaboration.

Repeated time spent in silent, rhythmic, group meditation allows PRANA to naturally flow, over-riding the emotional mental system’s grip on life direction and thought processes. When the ego is aligned with the voice of the Higher Self, life takes on a unique existence causing fruitful alliances and healthy environments for one to thrive in.




Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays

Twice each day / Pacific Time
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5:30 am / 9:30 am


$25 monthly fee for link to zoom room and access to all time slots

Special pdf booklet distributed monthly to members attending sessions



How to Prepare for meditation:

Create a space where you can sit with back straight, comfortably. Using small pillows between your lower back and the back of a chair or wall is an excellent way to support a straight spine for an extended period of time. You may sit with legs and knees folded in traditional pose or you can sit in a chair with your legs touching the floor. However it is most comfortable to sit straight without pain is the best method. Hands folded or clasped gently in front of you resting on thighs is beneficial during this time. What comes most natural for you is most correct in this moment. Often, I place one palm of hand on top of the other in a relaxed position, focusing on the Ajna space between the eyebrows, keeping the moment uncomplicated and quiet as possible.

You may want to light a candle or mild incense before our session to set sacred space. It is helpful to burn sage, Palo Santo or other similar woods for smudging before our session begins, allowing higher forces to penetrate your immediate environment. The gentle sacred fragrance of oils or incense in our environment allows higher forces, hence the practice of abstaining from smoking tobacco or cooking meat before our meditation.

It helps to have a neat environment surrounding you with things put away and in order. Including, meditation time is enhanced with a vase of flowers for beauty and as offering to Divine forces entering into our sacred time together.

Feeling fresh from a shower, clean clothing, clean stomach that is free from digesting is also helpful during this short moment together in meditation. If you eat within one – two hours before our meditation time, your energy will not receive the maximum results possible. Digesting food can be a great distraction, especially if you have eaten meat or heavy flour and starch foods or “junk” food.

If there are others in your environment who could be a distraction to you, it is helpful to wear headphones, blocking out external noises. The fragrance of your space, your intention and your preparation determine how much you are able to receive during this special moment that we are blessed to share by the grace of the Guru.


How to participate:

Please mute your microphone immediately upon entering meditation room. Camera must be turned on. Please make sure it is working properly before entering meditation room.

Meditation lasts for approximately one half hour (thirty minutes).

Please make an effort to log on within five minutes of starting time. Zoom room is turned on ten minutes before meditation begins to allow participants to settle into quiet space and ensure that technology is working properly.

Soft music is played while puja is conducted until silent meditation begins.

Please refrain from drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes in your day to day activities if you are participating – please, no exceptions. This must be an ongoing choice. Alcohol tinctures are considered as alcohol as they have the same effect, holding spirits. 

If you are ill, not feeling well or have a disease or taking medication such as pharmaceuticals or receiving treatment for any kind of condition that is being addressed by a health practitioner, and seeking healing, please send email to request a healing session and refrain from joining the online half-hour sessions. The meditation room is highly impacted by the presence of illness and it will be noticed immediately if there is illness present in our process, causing distraction.


During Meditation

While in silent meditation, continue to bring your awareness back to your Ajna, the place between your eyebrows to activate its ability to clear your aura and cultivate concentration. You may notice hooks cleared from your spleen, Solar Plexus and liver area, Sacral and Root chakras too, and the aura surrounding your body as we sit quietly and allow Divine forces to work on our being, bringing greater health, stability and clarity into our day.

If you do not see this activity occurring, eventually, through consistent meditation practice in these sessions, this activity will become evident in your awareness. It takes time to activate and turn on the subtle workings of the Ajna. Through the grace of Guru, slowly your Ajna is activated as you are prepared for an expansion and heart opening.

If you have been given a mantra by an enlightened being, feel free to chant the mantra, silently. If you have not been given a mantra, you may repeat the words, “I am precious, a child of the Divine” silently, while we enjoy this half hour meditation. Slowly, gently and within time you will feel an expansion in your being.


Additional Work:

For further clearing and enhanced process of meditation, please consider signing up for classes offered through Soul Design University. Special programs have been created as educational forums to clear emotional blocks, while initiating and allowing higher forces to enter and activate your personal ascension process.


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