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Puppets and Patterns


At a deeper perspective of the human mechanics it becomes obvious that there are patterns playing out a life story, leading one through a maturation process. That is why the I Ching and Astrology are such effective and accurate tools for defining a person’s behavior and events. Life on this planet is a combination of cycles and patterns inside a complex system woven and merged, layered and colored, creating the human experience, holographically and measurably.

In 2004, a sidereal astrologer came into my life to educate me on the cycle of the Moon and how it influences my reality. Since then, I have been charting my personal Moon cycle on a monthly calendar so that I am aware of how I might be influenced by its movement.

Using this calendar throughout the years has proven to me how powerfully influenced all of humanity is through this reflective ball in the sky. I use this same type of calendar working with certain clients to assist in gaining greater understanding of the emotional body and then, learning how to take one’s power back, away from the emotionally reactive tendency governed by the Moon.

One can watch their life unfold, minute by minute in accordance with the influence of the Moon. From new moon and onto fullness, the pattern of the moon remains the consistent influencing force, repeating itself every 28.5 days. It is a reliable pattern that we can use to translate how we emotionally respond to life events.

The Moon’s influence is not isolated to one TYPE, such as it is taught in the Human Design science. This is another area that brings great confusion into the process of understanding one’s self through the mechanics. Reflectors act out their Personality influences impacted by the influence of the Moon. All other Types in Human Design act out their Personality influences impacted by the Moon. The Moon’s cycle is the number one influence on humanity, and all TYPES, emotional or non-emotional. One can watch their life unfold minute by minute in accordance with the movement of the Moon, no matter who they are nor matter their Type or definition.

It’s wonderful that Reflectors, who have studied Human Design have learned how to track the movement of the Moon. They can liberate others by demonstrating how to chart the moon and its influence with its grip on life events and reactions. If you know of a Reflector who is deeply enmeshed in the HD teachings, perhaps you can hire them to assist you with understanding the movement of your Moon. 

Please don’t ask Reflectors to do this service for free. This is a wonderful opportunity for them to earn an income. And please, only work with those who are trained more than a few years to avoid further confusion and its best if they have a good attitude.   More info here

People need to understand how the Moon is influencing them and directing their life events so that they can move through this mutation with some awareness. What a wonderful gift to be trained in this way, as taught exclusively to Reflectors and then, have ability to offer insights and understanding to humanity.

Agree, it’s an odd twist from the savior complex attached to Projectors in the HD teachings. For years, Ra Uru Hu offered discounts to Projectors so they could learn the information and pass it on to humanity because of their special, unique style of brain.

I have to admit, I disagree.

Truly, it is the Reflectors with the unique brain and the ability to save humanity.

Every 28.5 days, the Moon travels a heavenly path from new Moon to full Moon and then back to new Moon again. The magnetic pull of the moon on forces, bodily fluids and emotional, astral behavior is more powerful than any other planet in the program. Through the observation of one’s own Moon pattern, one can watch their emotions and life events happen in accordance with the movement of their Moon.

Here is an example:

Mary’s Saturn Return began at 18th of December in 2015 at the age of 29. The theme for this cycle is: Left Angle Cross of Education. Through the incarnation cross we understand that she thrives best during this cycle through educating others.

Unfortunately, she is doing nothing like this. Nor does she even know this kind of reality is possible as she remains in a dark, depressed emotional state and in a relationship that is beginning to fall apart, all under the influence of the Moon.

For instance, today, Mary’s Moon is in the 5th house. This tells us that she is going to be concerned about her career and what effort she can apply to earn more money. She will react more emotional than usual, possibly behaving possessive or too engrossed in her own process that she will miss what others are feeling, how they are reacting or what they are attempting to communicate to her.

If I called her today, she would probably tell me that she is considering a new job but is hesitant because it may demand that she move to another location, away from her boyfriend. That is a classic example of how we miss great opportunities and remain entrapped in our emotional, defeating patterns, captive under the Moon’s grip.

Had she decided that taking care of herself and providing the best circumstances was the right choice, she may risk losing her secure home base and the comfortable relationship that she has grown accustomed to. But should she consider this new job a positive opportunity, she gains a substantial increase in income and a larger student base to teach with a peaceful place to reside.

Unfortunately, the Moon is in control, so she will probably bypass the opportunity and choose to stay in the dysfunctional, failing love-affair. The emotional body, governed by the moon, loves extreme reactions to life events – it is like food for it to thrive and grow.

The Moon usually, sits in a house two to three days at a time. In a few days, her Moon will be in the 6th house and things will change just a bit. When it moves into the 6th house, she is going to feel like she is the “victim” in some way, playing out the victim role for gaining attention. At the same time, this is going to make her hyper-critical while acting out resentment, in hopes that the other will feel guilty for their behavior and respond to her wishes.

This is all unconscious but naturally happening under the influence of the Moon ~ hyper-stimulated by sexuality. The new job opportunity is quickly fading into the background as she continues to brew in her emotions and relationship drama, disconnected from her internal navigation for thriving. She is too engrossed in her misery to care how she is impacting her future and quality of life.

As you can see, the story of Mary is already written by the stars, planets, Moon and Sun. If we looked at planetary influences on deeper levels, we would find the entire script written, event by event. Even the new job offer is found to be the result of a positive planetary activation, such as Jupiter. But the Moon is in control and running her life, like most humans, so she is missing great opportunities.

The first place I look when someone comes to me in a crisis, is an investigation into the current life cycle and the position of the Moon.

All clues are there as to why an event has occurred, what is being taught by the cosmos and how one is evolving, good or bad; including, what the emotional state may be causing the sense of crisis or depression.

If one is feeling down and a bit sad, then, checking to see where the Moon is sitting and how it aspects with other planets, in the moment, usually, is the reason behind the mood swings.

Yes, the patterns and cycles are real and they accurately tell the life story as if we are orchestrated like a puppet.

Who animates this puppet made of flesh: Moon, the Sun, the Cosmos or Higher Self, is what we decide.

This is the essence of “Will”, our conscious decision of who or what is pulling the strings.






Written by Kashi Stone, July 2018