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Skills through Osmosis

“Do defined Centers (CHAKRAS) from one person bring to another the skills and energy to do what they would not ordinarily do?”

Great question, for this is what we hope for unconsciously, often, that another person will fill up where we are empty or connect us with the parts that are not tied together like in a “split” definition.

If we are spending time in the same space with another we do adopt certain personality expressions depending on where we are open and where the other is defined. We definitely take on the thought currents too, causing us to consider things that we would not normally consider.

When we take on another’s definition, often, it comes out in an awkward, distorted kind of way. It’s just not natural. But this is what we all do, take on other’s peoples chemistry, personality quirks and thought currents and idiosyncrasies. It is very common and cannot be avoided, however, It can be entertaining if one is watching the thoughts flow through.

During the day, yes, the imprints and influences come but they are not you, so they are not effortlessly, naturally, consistently expressed. They become slightly distorted played through another system meant for a different kind of expression.

The behavior expressed is very much like the Projector, Reflector or Manifestor who feels extraordinary push from their mind to keep up with a Sacral defined being ~ it’s just not natural, pleasant or healthy to try and be something that one is not.

This is why the importance of sleeping alone at night far away from other sleeping bodies is emphasized in Human Design, so that one can empty and be free of other’s imprints and influences and realize their true self.

Better to just be you ~

~ Kashi