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From Solar Plexus to Heart

The Solar Plexus sits midway between the lower centers and the higher centers, acting as a gateway towards a higher level of consciousness. In this mid-way point are the influences or mechanics of the ‘mind’ living out life with its desires, needs and attachments.

The Solar Plexus (Yellow circle in middle) passes through three primary stages of evolution as consciousness works its way towards the Heart Center (Green circle), using photo on right-hand side as guide for chakras and their placement in the human system.

First level awareness in the Solar Plexus is displayed through tribal connections and obligations, bonds created through traditional love, duties to family and the traditional patterns that hold one fixed and in place.

At the same time, when one is deeply rooted in this type of tribal bonding, one also displays strong expressions of victimhood, neediness, ownership and possession or defeat. These can be viewed as ‘not-self’ expressions of the Solar Plexus chakra.

The second phase of maturation in awareness is the essence of individuality and discovery of true Self. This level activates the Ego causing one to behave seemingly, self-centered or narcissistic, focused only on one’s own needs. This personal focus, in turn, develops a strong, healthy state of individuality that is meant to fosters one’s unique contribution to society while causing a healthy sense of self with strong boundaries.

Next level, third level of Solar Plexus maturation is the Ego engaged in social interaction and contributing to the collective, fundamentally acting as a part of the whole while engaged in positive endeavors.

At this level, one is lead into a gradual opening and stimulation of the Heart Center.

Once the Heart Center opens, everything changes, dramatically in how the body operates. In this state of Heart Consciousness, one begins a radical, physical transformation process in the Physical Body and the Emotional Body as one no longer responds out of desire, victimhood, or defeating belief patterns. One remains in a natural state of surrender.

A dramatic shift occurs in how the centers are operating, responding and interacting with life, entirely. One has a new frequency imprinted in their system, you could say.


When this activation is beginning to happen in one’s system, it can be recognized as a tingling in the middle of the back, between the shoulder blades. If you are experiencing a sensation in this area, then, most likely, you are being quickened and are a part of the shift of consciousness that is currently happening with humanity.

The Ego is not an easy beast to tame. For that reason, strict measures apply for gaining positive, life experiences through practices such as, all levels of the science of Yoga, from pranayama to hatha to kundalini to raja and so on. From purification to meditation to grace in social interaction and peaceful silence, it takes a long, long time, perhaps many lifetimes, to achieve the blessed state of divine union that is often referred to as, ‘integration’: the mind and body working on behalf of the Higher Self.

However, with the mutation that is upon humanity in this Age of Aquarius, more and more individuals are given the opportunity to taste this blessed state of integration, now.



“The most important surrender is the surrender of your character, your way of being, so that it may change.”…………

~ The Mother of Pondicherry @ Aurobindo