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Thank you

for your interest in my services

Through this transaction that you just placed using PayPal, my office receives an email notifying us that you have made a purchase for a product or a session.

As soon as I have received your payment, I will send an email informing you how to prepare for our appointment.

Please be prepared to respond with this information:

  • birth date,
  • birth time,
  • birth place,
  • the best days for you to have your session and
  • a paragraph of how you discovered Human Design and what you hope to gain from your session.
  • The current time zone that you are living in, including city, state and country.

You can email: with your information, right away, if you choose. If you are unsure of your birth time, no worries. Usually, I can intuit the correct time with enough information.

PayPal sends each of us an email verifying this transaction. If you require proof of purchase or a receipt beyond the standard PayPal notice, please let me know and one will be prepared for you.

If you do not hear from me after you have made your transaction, it may have happened that my  response  email to you did not land in your inbox. Please check your junk folder too, just in case. It is always best to add my email address to your address book so that you do not miss important emails.

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