Esoterics · Multi-Part Form

The Parts of Our Being

Physical / Emotional / Spirit and Soul too …….

Written by Kashi Stone



When we look at the human operating system it is a very complex structure of parts working together and evolving at the same time in different ways and speeds. We are truly holographic entities with definitive parts meshed together.

As we learn about how we operate and observe our own behaviour, we begin to see these different parts distinctively in their own capacity.



Physical Body

The Physical Body is the vehicle of expression on the physical plane. It includes the flesh, muscles and bones and correlates with the nervous system. The Physical Body is made up of atoms and cells and includes the life of each internal organ. The Spleen governs the Physical Body and offers clues to the overall health and condition of the body.

The Physical Body includes a subtler sheath not easily seen but very obvious to those with the gift of clairvoyance and psychic awareness. This sheath is called the Etheric Body.

The Etheric Body is attached to five of the seven major glands of the Physical Body. It emanates outward from the core our being along the spinal column.



We actually contain more light and vibration than the dense physical matter of our bodies. This light and vibration connects us to all, flowing through our energy centers, as it is working with the Spleen to manage the health of the vehicle.

Because of this intimate interconnection, the Etheric Body and the Physical Body are recognized as one unit but as two components.

The Emotional Body is a product of our past and is our intellect or Thinking Principle that dictates our perception of things and our reality. It also has an influence on our state of physical health. Programming and reprogramming are also done at this level. Negative and positive patterns are created in this part of our being.

The Emotional Body has five powers that serve its function, the senses: hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell.chakra-girl

The five senses find their expression in the nerve centers, brain cells, ganglia and plexus. Through using the senses, a person becomes aware of their surroundings and investigates life on the physical plane. We touch, we taste, we smell, we see and take in this information to determine what is resonate and what is not, what is worthy and what is not and to differentiate between what is real and what is unreal.

The Emotional Body orchestrates physical body movement as it filters information and manifests according to its beliefs. The Emotional Body is what chooses disease, images, and organizes DNA. We use the Emotional Body to control, to speak and make changes to the physical vehicle.

The Emotional Body is constructed outside of our inner core and is an entity that sits near the Solar Plexus Center. It is shaped according to our experiences and the lower frequencies of anger, fear and guilt with the past memories of destruction, attachment and disaster.


The Emotional Body operates through radiating a frequency into our cells that create cellular memory in our Physical Body. This cellular imprint ultimately designs the physical body that we incarnate and dictates the type of aura, such as Projector, Generator, etc.

The Emotional Body is also what is connected to other people that we have been involved with in previous lifetimes. We can witness these karmic, family ties through parents, siblings, grandparents and children, and sometimes the lovers that we choose. These reoccurring lifetime relationships create a pattern that take us through lifetime after lifetime, crisis after crisis and lesson after lesson.

Whatever has been programmed into our Emotional Body is played out through our life experiences. You can see the state of the Emotional Body and past lives through the eyes and in the hue of the aura.

The Emotional Body can also be seen in the way it activates the vagus nerve, altering brain chemistry, causing physiological responses, which often happens with habits and addictions.

soul-individual-expressionThe Emotional Body moves in a spiral way within the form as it feeds upon itself. If it is hungry for anger, it stimulates and sees the anger, grabs it, and takes it in to nourish and grow itself. The Emotional Body does the same with food, sex and the comforts of life. It will find a way to get what it wants.

Through the Emotional Body’s endless input, it holds us captive to our beliefs and our perception of truth. It is that part of us that creates judgment and self-righteousness.

The Emotional Body is so strong that it will create an illusion and trick it into bringing it what it needs and wants.


higher-self-2Behind the Emotional and Physical Bodies is our Spirit. It is the one part of us that is immortal and in a continuous state of contemplation. It is our will to live, to be in existence and to pursue and evolve through the game of duality on this planet.

It is what we refer to as the “Higher Mind”, “Higher Self” or “Holy Spirit”.

The part of our being is a spark from our Divine Creator that has chosen to incarnate into a physical body to experience and learn from life. It is discovered when one has entered into integration or union with all parts of the being.

You can see the Higher Self in action on the physical plane through the act of love and intelligence combined in group work. It is the quiet intuitive voice that moves from a state of calmness and grace and harmlessness.

Spirit speaks through the Physical Body via the nervous system. You can witness the presence of the Spirit through the tingles you feel across your skin, the rush up the spine and sense it in deep states of relaxation as found in meditation. If one has developed a strong bond with their Higher Self, they can observe and interact with their Higher Self through the top of their head. You can also observe it respond and guide in life through the body’s health in reaction to environments and the people surrounding one.



The Soul is neither Spirit nor Matter. It is a force that holds the being together in form and in communication with the brain. It is the unique identity that has been born with a unique life trajectory and can be recognized as the Ego fulfilling life purpose as it responds to life events and interacts with those in it’s environment.





Written by ~

Kashi Rachel Stone
Published 2015

Revised Jan 2018