The Golden Thread

Written by Kashi Stone

Our mind is using every second to take in and record each moment creating habits, beliefs and devising a direction for life or how to make something happen.

It lives through our senses and operates on a multi-level, multiplex environment orchestrating movement, reactions, sensations and perceptions. It is truly beyond our comprehension the vast function of this powerful operating hub.

The Mental Body and the Emotional Body sit side by side, chatting away, sharing stories and adding a quality of colorful expression to the orchestration of life.

Imagine the two sitting in the cockpit of a jet plane. The Mental Body is the chief pilot and the Emotional Body is the co-pilot sitting beside it ready to assist or take over at any moment.

The Emotional Body is a colorful character, dressed up and ready to go to a party. The chief pilot, the Mental Body is dressed in black and white, much like a tuxedo. The Mental Body is focused on what is ahead or what they have just flown through, looking out the window and navigating the plane.

The Emotional Body is sitting beside the Mental Body, all dressed up, excited and rambling a non-stop dialogue about events, people, places, foods, passion, love, sadness, etc. She never shuts up.

The Mental Body listens to the chatter of the Emotional Body as it navigates the plane through the sky. It loves the Emotional Body because she is very entertaining, colorful and interesting to look at.

So the Mental Body listens to the Emotional Body while she shares her stories, expresses her pains, gives her opinions, makes her judgments and places her blame. The Mental Body is highly stimulated and amused by this company riding beside him in the cockpit of the airplane.

airplane-2The Mental Body is also frantically trying to figure out where the two are going. It sits in a state of confusion, most of the time, taking cues from the Emotional Body on the direction of where they should go.

The Mental Body does not have a map, nor does it know how to operate the instrument panel of the airplane. But it doesn’t want any one to know, so it pretends like it knows as the two fly blindly through the sky, together, in a blissful, dramatic, erratic, confused flight.

It’s pure disaster as the two fly in the sky headed to nowhere. You can just imagine the scenario.

There is only one solution: a golden thread must be thrown into the cockpit so that these two can navigate themselves back on course.golden-girl

That’s if the Mental Body and the Emotional Body want the lifeline. If they are happily orchestrating a mess, they might have to wait until the next flight before they can grab that golden thread and escape the madness of a random, reckless flight.

But if they can get a glimpse of that golden thread, if they have had enough madness flying recklessly through the sky, then there is a chance that the airplane can get on course and fly the direction of destiny.

The Golden Thread that pulls one in is the spiritual teaching that quenches the soul, heals the mind and tames the emotions.

Spiritual teachings are the Golden Thread to getting back onto course.

Written by Kashi Stone, 2015