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The Higher Path

When you are beginning to align and taste the sweetness of your true trajectory, you will notice a pattern in the chemistry of the people that you meet and those who are surrounding you.

This cyclical pattern of connections reveals which mind is activated in your system: the Mental Body, the Emotional Body or Higher Self and which trajectory you are walking through life within your set destiny.

There are those who come into your life who you have a karmic tie with in some way. And then there are those who come with the talents and skills that compliment your own couplsskills. There are also those who come in just to have fun for a moment. And then there are those who are there to give you a heart-break. There are also those who pop in for a moment to see if you are ready for opportunity so that they can give it to you.

If you find that you bump into a juicy, fatal, “cant live without ‘em” kind of feeling, then you are most likely being driven by your Emotional Body. These are the types of connections that create romance, make babies, and try to possess or control. They also cause us to stay in a standstill experience, such as marriage or long-term relationships that buy houses together and cars, regretting it later.

If you find that you are bumping into difficult situations regarding money, contracts, possessions or bad deals, then most likely you are clearing karma with this person.

Your experience will be dictated by how you handle the situation and the decisions that you make. The opportunity is there to clear and complete, but often, it gets messy and the situation may have to be revisited again, in the next life.

It is important to understand that a part of us reincarnates over and over and over. That is why children are born with immense talent without ever taking lessons or spending years developing a particular skill. When we are born, we incarnate with the skills and talents that have been developed in a previous life. We also bring our Emotional Body with its attachments to our loved ones from previous lifetimes and the karma. Sitting right above us is our Higher Self waiting to guide and lead the way with its agenda that it has written for this lifetime.

lemuria-coupleMost of the time though, it is the Emotional Body leading the way. It has no clue where to go or what is ahead but it has desires that must be fed.

That is why we can feel like we have missed our life and are feeling “trapped” inside of a relationship or a job that we don’t like or we are growing and maturing in years, feeling like we have missed our prime. We make decisions from the Emotional Body and miss the sweet elixir of what the Higher Self has in store for us.

Have you enjoyed what has happened in this life?

The fact that we cant see how we have shaped this life and how it is impacting the next life causes us to think that we will be resting in heaven because we are religious and have followed a tradition. There is zero accountability for our actions or our decisions with that kind of mind-set.

There is a reasoning process that the mind loves to use as a means to justify its actions. Through reasoning, the mind gets relief from being dishonest about how it really feels or relief from the tapes that run from not being completed with a “problem”.

When one starts to align to their true trajectory, the karmic situations begin to fade and the skills and talents of others who compliment suddenly appear.

The Higher Path is not based on attraction and “love connections”.

No, it’s path is very different. There are no bells and whistles, there is no rush in the groin and there is no thrill in the togetherness.

It is just smooth and productive in a quiet way. It’s utterly mundane.