The Holy Bridge

Written by Kashi Stone

There is a force that stirs in each one of us flowing through our blood, giving us life and the will to live. This “will to live” keeps us thriving in some way on this planet.

If one is drowning in depression, sadness, bitterness or despair, then the life force is drained and slowly dying away. Holding on tightly to moods from the lowest to the lowest and staying put without change or movement, naturally, we start to die.

A good example of not moving with life is getting trapped in front of a television or a computer game or a deck of solitaire or caught in tradition and following the dream of another. These kinds of things keep us from engaging in our own life, choking out our life purpose and the opportunities for unique creative expression. Another example is making decisions at key moments based on what others feel is appropriate for us and denying our own sense of what is correct.

When we are inspired to move forward, to create, to seek something greater, we move towards life. This life force is fed by being in the right place at the right time with the right people contributing, serving, exchanging ideas and enhancing each other’s life. But that interaction may not always look the way we think it should look.

Our life path is not necessarily a “rosy” path. Our life path has many curves, bumps, ditches and a few potholes. Each life has its own unique picture of a life well lived. Granted, some lives have more complexities than others and some are easier roads to travel. But most are fraught with many lessons, challenges, shocks, crisis, regression and much pain. Sometimes these types of experiences are necessary to get us to wake up.

Within the set trajectory of life there is a theme and a set of doorways that lead down a narrow path of experiences.

You can choose doorway number #1 and walk down a rosy path of flowers, fairies, bright sunshine and ice cream or you can choose doorway #2 and walk down the path of a busy New York street city scene or you can choose doorway #3 that takes you to the seaside, in a beach house, during the winter, alone and cold. Either way, you are choosing the doorway according to which mind you are using within a set direction and a theme of lessons designed for your growth.

90% of the time people are allowing, unconsciously, their emotions to guide their life. An example of this can be seen in an observational review of one’s own thought process.

Before you started reading this article, who or what were you thinking about?

Why were you thinking about that person or that situation?

What type of activities have you done today and what motivated you to choose these particular tasks over other tasks that you could have done today?

Take time to really sit with these questions and answer them honestly.

If decisions are being made because of love, jealousy or possession, then the emotions may be in control. If the responses are more oriented towards figuring things out or busy working through strategies of how to get what one wants, it is still a form of desire coming from Ego.

It’s important to keep in mind that the Emotional Body is NOT the Solar Plexus Center.

The Emotional Body is a kind of “fog” that surrounds the physical body emanating a color, a tone and the smell of a person. EVERY person has an emotional aura.

This Emotional Body incarnates with the Mental Body through each lifetime and holds chords to lovers and chords to family members. It creates strife and turbulence in friendships and relationships and can cause us to lose great opportunities because of its eruptive, discordant nature. It holds karma from past life and this life. It’s rather messy when it is in control.

The Mental Body reincarnates lifetime after lifetime as it goes through its own evolutionary process, taking in information from the senses to understand, organize and act in a strategical way. It is also entertaining its memories, past experiences, past teachings and beliefs, parents and schoolteachers, friends and past loves.

While all of this is going on in these two, very busy bodies, the “Higher Self” is working diligently to get our attention so that it can guide the life and “get on with business”, as they say. That is if it can pierce through the busy thoughts flowing through the mind and the racy emotions coloring our perspective.

There is only one thing that can save us from a life filled with lots of thoughts, feelings, emotions, currents of the transits, the influences from others’ auras and the karma that we must deal with in this lifetime.

That saving grace is “The Holy Bridge”.

If one is tuned in, they naturally move and align with others who share complimentary chemistry. Resonant people spontaneously pop up along the path in life. This is our destiny to meet resonate chemistry. But it requires us to make a choice in each moment as to who is driving our life and a choice as to what type of resonance.

We turn on the television, pick up the phone or click on the computer to connect and move onto the next best, busy thing. Or, we think we are going to lose something or someone if we don’t do certain things, which creates many distractions from following our path and our inner voice that is attempting to guide us in a specific direction.

As long as there are constant mental tapes of: “what happened?, “where is she?” or “what are they doing?” going through the mind, the bridge to our Higher Self is disconnected and higher wisdom is not flowing into us.

Even the consideration or fear or the nagging doubts of caring and sustaining one’s self can be enough to side rail the connection to Higher Self and lose opportunities for success or growth.

It’s imperative to be mindful of the company that one is keeping too. If a house partner or business associate who works in close proximity each day is out of balance, highly emotionally stimulated, ill, or in any way good or bad in their influence, so do those around them experience and reflect the same. It is the same with anyone, we reflect our environment and the people in it.

It’s tricky because people change and so do the environments with the people who come and go. Gender and age play a significant role and so do the individual characteristics, naturally. This is why we cannot be attached, we must be independent and yet, learn to work without personal, ego driven actions.

Through maintaining our Holy Bridge we gain the the ability to be fluid, open, smooth, calm, trusting and peaceful while life is happening around us. Life has a big plan designed for each one of us that brings lessons, causes growth and matures the reincarnating part of who we are. One can spiral up at key moments or one can spiral down at those same key moments . The choice becomes one of choosing to  live a smooth, simple, calm existence or an agitated, challenged path.

Choose wisely.