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Mutation for Spirit

There is a gate on the bodygraph, located off the Solar Plexus, that is experiencing a powerful activation causing the human body-system to change dramatically. If this gate is turned on inside one’s system, then chances are that your sensitivities are increasing, health is battling to purify and cleanse, and multi-dimensional awareness is expanding rapidly.

Gate 55 is called “ABUNDANCE”, as it is the gateway where SPIRIT transforms the Astral, Emotional Body and mutates the Solar Plexus, taking humanity to the next level of evolution.

Ra Uru Hu, the founder of Human Design mentions in the RAVE I CHING Companion, Part 2 on gate 55: …………“ I call it the “Sleeping Phoenix”, that will awaken and bring with it the fire of the Aquarian Age.”

Higher forces are ushering in this mutation that is upon humanity now and targeting those who have this gate in their system. Those with gate 55, experience the mutation first. They learn how to ride the changes and then, share the process with others. But they can only share with others if they are working with a higher power, which must be more powerful than their own force of power. This is the nature of this gate. They make excellent, natural preachers under divine guidance.

If the person with gate 55 is not connected with a higher power, they appear as the “freak”, the one who is a genius but a stranger, the one who is ostracized, alienated, and considered the outsider. Mostly, this type of alienation is occurring because they are experiencing a slightly different, expanded reality without proper guidance or the right alliances. Proving that the emphasis placed on gate 55 for avoiding negative influences and people is paramount in life navigation.

Gate 55 is “individual” in nature. It is not tribal nor collective, so it is concerned for its own needs first, when it is healthy and aware. A healthy and aware individual, gate 55, is much like the person in the “take-off” video that we watch in the airplane; we observe: “See, this is how you do it”, as the woman puts on the mask and then, assists with placing the mask on the child. In the same way, gate 55 is the one demonstrating how to take care of self and then, assisting others in doing the same.

A deeper look at this activation, we find that the hexagram is comprised of thunder and lightning, represented as Clarity (Li) / Flame and (Chen) / Movement. This is the formula: The evolution of humanity reaching a peak of awareness that realizes intelligent discipline is necessary.

An obvious truth becomes known and the antidote, the disciplines required, cannot be denied. With this mutation, we are no longer animal-desire driven beings, we are spirit driven vehicles that make intelligent decisions. For that reason, our vehicle needs a tune-up, a purification to reorient a new way of operating a new system.

As Spirit operates and cares for the body, individual integrity grows. Through maintaining one’s own uniqueness, through the ability to speak one’s truth, to maintain healthy boundaries, and avoid negative influences, a beautiful mutation takes place in one’s own system; much like what is conveyed through the Hindu archetypes for realization, such as Shiva.

Purification for Spirit Driven Vehicle
Every human is a product of their environment, for this reason, the senses must be cleared so that one can determine effectively what is the correct place and who are the correct people to spend time with.

With purified physical body and psychology, the vehicle is open, clear and centered for being driven into the right experiences, in accordance with the path of Spirit. The path of Spirit is different from the path of the desire body, which is also the ego. If there is any ego, there is no place for Spirit to operate and grow. Therefore, an equanimous state cultivated through purification and humility is the most potent environment for our Higher Self to operate, which naturally leads into abundant experiences.

Purifying the vehicle is highlighted as the first, primary step towards evolution as taught in ancient sciences. It is also understood that a minimum of twenty-one days is necessary to reorient the body and mind in a new direction, away from destructive habits or to empty the influence of negative company.

This is the purpose behind the purification retreats that are offered through SDU/ Soul Design University. Removing one’s self from a familiar environment and disconnecting from constant connections, gives one the opportunity to tune into their uniqueness and discover Spirit while creating a new set of habits. One has a chance to clear old, defeating patterns, physically, psychologically and spiritually. It feels really, really good to be clear of old patterns and emotions.

Tuning in to a higher power facilitates the initiations that every human endures through their maturation process in life. A higher power turns-on the battery, amplifies the energies and opens the doors to greater self-awareness. There are different teachers for different kinds of people and usually, it is the teacher that is reaching out to the student, initiating the beginning of the awakening. Most likely, those with gate 55 will receive the call first, as their system is ready for the mission as trailblazers and if they tune in, they will be amplified and turned on.

First, one must purify and remove the conditioning impact on the body and the mind so that it can hear the call.



Written by Kashi Stone, 2018


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