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The Stress of Love

One of the most difficult and challenging experience for most humans is the act of “falling in love”. Seldom do two people maintain a loving, calm, appreciative state for each other in their romance. Rather, most begin to challenge, quarrel, compete and destroy in an average of three weeks, after the first incident of love-making occurred. This is when the challenges of relationships begin to surface and a fertile battleground develops.


Equal to the challenge of love affairs, is the relationship between child and parent. When children begin to identify their uniqueness through acts of rebellion, the stress on parents can be overwhelming, debilitating, and exhausting. This independent spirit is also expressed during the “terrible two’s” as it is often called.

The look of a mother’s eyes whose day is filled with the activity of a young, independent spirit usually is haggard with “please help me” emanating from the face and eyes of a tired body.

Love is a big job.


When looking at astrological patterns, we can see that an adult human life is split in two directions: seeking romance, affection, fulfilling a sexual desire or one’s own personal desires in controlling significant relationships. The other direction moves towards collaborating with a group for creating something fantastic.  We move in both of these directions in our home life with relationships and out in the world with our work.

Seldom, does group work maintain a priority in one’s life. Often, the connections with partners take precedence over any other relationship or duty to a calling or group project. And money rules the decision for where we spend time and energy. After all, substantial income is required to maintain a perfect environment for a family, as most have committed their life to.

It makes one curious to consider what type of experiences, opportunities or possibilities might occur if the life trajectory moved towards the right connections rather than “love”.

Through the bond of love, one loses keen ability to work in a group effectively because of the distractions that come with family, commitments to a household and the relationships. Therefore, One’s main job in life becomes the relationship. Secondly, survival to maintain the household becomes the influencing factor of how one earns income.

The relationship becomes the main job in life.

Profound shifts occur in the way we take in information, process and express.

Our character changes dramatically when we merge our bodies, aura and emotions with a lover. In fact, one does not need to take on a lover to merge their aura. One can be heavily imprinted if they sleep near another body, even through walls and even in the house next door if it is nearer than twenty feet. One can be imprinted by those living below and those living above.

If you notice a sharp change in the way that you are thinking, did someone new move in near to you?


Time and space only exist within the physical realm. In the astral realm, there are no walls nor is there distance. One emits through any wall, ceiling or floor with their astral body, aura.

For this reason, where one lays their head to sleep, where one chooses to spend their time and who one chooses to be near is a big deal, no matter what the relationship or job that one is engaged in.

Even our looks change when we are being imprinted by another person’s chemistry. With lovers, one can watch the face and the voice change as each response becomes one or the other inside of one body. It’s very common. For as the two shall become one, the aura does too. All it takes is a passionate kiss to start the merging of the aura into one.

When neighbors are nearby or a housemate sleeps close, bodily aches and pains begin to appear out of nowhere, headaches occur, strange thought currents present themselves and the dreams become more active, unusual and unrelated to one’s true process that takes place during the hours of sleep.


There is nothing more delicious than pitching a tent far away from the rest of the house, the rest of the bodies with their own process, bodily functions and life path.

One life is enough.

There is no way anyone can manage their life perfectly and take on another’s thought process and life karma and be able to think clearly, focused on the work that one is here to do, gaining real satisfaction and enjoyment in life.


Create a way to sleep alone for a period of time, far away from another body and choose to be celibate, to empty, to purify and discover the real you.

Then, watch the stress of love fall away, cease to exist or ruin a good day.

It’s so much easier to make the correct decision, head in the right direction and make the best connections from a centered, clear space.

Blessings on your journey ~









Written by Kashi Stone
2018 January