To Be a Dog, or Not

The Dance of the Maya

The human experience in the “program” or the “maya” or the “leelah” as it is called in eastern teachings is the material plane existence influenced, directed and orchestrated primarily, by the Moon.

At this point in the evolution of humanity, the physical plane “maya” operates at the Solar Plexus level. Through this center we experience degrees of happiness, joy, laughter and surrender to the lows of pain, misery, control, fear or anger. Life swings between these two contrasting poles; it is never ending. For this is the lesson of the maya: to feel the depths of pain and the immensity of joy and soon, discover how we are clearly creating our own hell or our magical reality in accordance with the law of cause and effect. This is awareness.

It is important to understand that all of humanity experiences the influence of the Moon as it rules hormones, sexual drive, fertility, disease and how the mind thinks with its colorful mental tapes that play throughout the night and day; the Moon even dictates male or female or hermaphrodite gender. When it is in control, it takes over the entire physical vehicle through the thinking capacity of the lower mind and through the aura enveloping the physical body. Ultimately, the color, the sound, the fragrance and the frequency of our being is dictated by the moon and its product: our Emotional Body.

If the Moon is that powerful then, it must also be a powerful landmark on our charts, astrologically. For that reason, often, when I look at a chart, I begin with the Moon, not the Sun. Very rarely does the Sun interpretation resonate with people since most of life choices and individual expressions are driven by desire, conditioning and life’s highs and lows.

As the Earth and the Moon dance, rotate and spin, a monthly cycle repeats itself, continuously, in a recognizable pattern. One can witness this cyclical behavior, chart their natural bio-rhythm and watch their life events play out controlled entirely by this dance, month after month. It will blow your mind and open your eyes, greatly, if you have the patience or ability to focus and observe.
This monthly dance is the maya, the program, the force that keeps humans locked in a swing from high to low and back again. And with those swings come hard times, shocks to wake up, a change in direction or a crisis to grow; we find good times, luck, abundance, recognition and security, too.

One of the best ways to understand how the moon is influencing us is to watch how we relate, romantically, professionally, in the family and with housemates. If we keep a journal of our moods and our experiences, we see this monthly cycle reveal itself. It is really, obvious if one takes the time to observe and witness over several months, continuously.


“You’re only here to be here – why do you need a reason? You think you’re here to be happy? Are you crazy?! You think you can be in the Maya and be happy all the time? Are you nuts?! The only people that can be happy in the Maya all the time are lobotomized.”

~ Ra Uru Hu, founder of Human Design

Human Design – Emotional or Not
For those who have an open Solar Plexus in their Human Design bodygraph, the emotional response to life is learning how to feel. How one develops the awareness of being tuned in to others, compassionate or not, sensitive or not, degree of honesty or withholding, determines the quality of life that one lives and the relationships that one enjoys. It is the art of developing “authenticity” for the open Solar Plexus.

For those who have the Solar Plexus defined, there is an acute sensitivity and awareness to truth and honesty with deep, passionate responses to life events, particularly the attachments to people, places and things. The path for the defined Solar Plexus is taking control of their emotional nature and cultivating a calmer, equanimous state of being, unattached and centered.
Attachments, addictions and victimhood, anger, joy or disappointment, even bitterness, are the emotional characteristics fostered by the influence of the Moon and its movement, regardless of how the Solar Plexus is defined.

Each environment holds the composite of thought currents from each of the people residing in the environment. Wherever one is open in their bodygraph chart, reveals the place of greatest conditioning from the thought currents of others. It is also the place where there is the susceptibility of being pushed slightly out of balance in relationship to one’s intellect with emotions.

You can see how in balance or out, in the relationship of the right and left eyes. Take a photo of your face. Are your eyes in balance?

For this reason, it is important to be mindful of the type of environment we choose to rest, relax and recuperate in. Most people have no awareness of what it feels like to be free and empty of other people’s pressure and mental tapes that churn in the mind. It is very delicious to sleep far away from other human bodies, and animals too, since they have an equally powerful impact on the aura and thought field.

To be completely empty and fully one’s self is a glorious way to rise and greet the day.
It has become obvious through my work that this is a foreign concept to many, sadly.
It is difficult and challenging to grasp, surprisingly.

Keep in mind:
• At least fifty feet between bodies is required when seeking to empty and be free of others thoughts, even beyond walls.
• Long walks in nature provide a wonderful opportunity to center and clear a bit.
• Quiet meditation away from others is the most effective way to clear and un-chord, and center back into one’s true self.
• Nightly practice of sleeping in one’s own energy field can be very empowering and healing.


The practice of charting the 28.5 day rhythm is not only for Reflectors, such as it is practiced in Human Design. It is liberating for everyone, all Types.


Since 2004, working with a sidereal astrology teacher, the art of charting the Moon cycle as an observational, self-development practice has revealed the profundity of the Moon and its influence over my reality, in a cyclical fashion. It never ceases to amaze me how much of life is lived by the influence of the Moon, unconsciously, by most people. No wonder the ancient rishis were driven to map the road towards conscious awareness.

If we gain conscious awareness through watching the dance of the Moon’s influence, then, we naturally begin to taste the fruits of our Sun and Incarnation Cross, like we see in Human Design. The process of self-discovery naturally, abstractly, leads a person into greater awareness and onto the next level of maturation in their system ~ one of the great benefits in the study of Human Design, in spite of its confusing context.

But many, many are not ready to move beyond the seduction of the high and low that the Emotional Body brings to everyday reality and its manipulative power for the incorrect things.

In fact, most of our daily life is centered around the results of highs and lows. Look at television and movie productions, food that is commonly available with the ingredients that provoke extreme behavior swings, even pharmaceuticals and religious programming designed for failure. Advertising and marketing, social campaigns, media and music, are centered on emotional reactions from a sensual, feeling space. It can be a rather twisted reality living under the control of the Moon and the desire of our emotional bodies.
No wonder so many people are confused and lost.


Growing up, my grandmother would say to me when I would be in a moment of deep melancholy, “It feels good to lay on the ground like a dog and lick your wounds.”

She would chuckle and turn back to her knitting as I would quickly jump up to find something creative to do.

I never wanted to be a dog.

That was enough to bring me current and into the moment, taking control back from the Emotional Body and the Moon.

May you be inspired to do the same.



Blessings ~ Kashi / APRIL 2018