Transcending Characteristics

Written by Kashi Stone

As we enter into the Age of Aquarius, humanity gains some difficult challenges along the way as we go through the transmutation of our species. This new age that is upon us is the dawning of the mutation of our whole being.

In this era we gain the intelligence to recognize our spiritual self and the unfolding of our spiritual consciousness.

Through this influence on humanity, we learn what it means to subordinate our lower desires to our higher powers as our abstract thinking and our spiritual intuition gets “turned on”. No longer can the emotional body hold us captive to its desires, wants, likes and dislikes and emotional reactions, if we have the discipline to transcends its grip on our mind and it’s impulse on our body.

That is why the Hindu science of Yoga, places emphasis on purification, meditation and sacred living. We cannot access this higher state of consciousness if the Emotional Body is in control of our thoughts, like it is for most and if the physical body is impure. Nor can we access this higher state of consciousness if we are not meditating.

It is meditation that facilitates the work of the soul on the Mental and Emotional bodies, bringing transformation and the refinement of our vehicle, which evolves, not transcends, the characteristics.

But the meditation is ineffective if we are not practicing the lifestyle teachings of the spiritual science of Yoga, which provides the principles that transform the Mental body and the Emotional body.

This spiritual process, as taught through the science of enlightenment, cultivates the qualities of good character, high ethics, sound morality and spiritual aspiration. This often, necessitates a good teacher to guide and initiate the process. This, in turn, lands one in their true “role”, expressing their characteristics in an evolved, spiritual state of being.


It is important to point out that people are on different levels of awareness. But many can learn to train the mental body, enhancing this life and preparing for a better next life.

Roughly 4% of the planets population are actually ready to receive the knowledge that is intended to bring transformation and enlightenment. Out of that 4%, maybe 1% will actually transcend the life of duality and discover life beyond the characteristics.

Through experience, experiment, frequent failures, occasional success, maturation and many lifetimes, eventually, the Mental Body is brought into alignment with the soul and freed from the chains of duality, but once again, only under the guidance of a real, spiritual Master who can bring the initiation.

There are spiritual evolutionary initiations that can only be conducted by spiritual teachers who have been trained in ancient methods for transformation. There is much going on beyond the physical eye and there are many planes of existence playing out simultaneously on this physical plane. We see this through encounters with angels, the act of channeling and elemental manifestations.

This is why the pineal gland has gained such attention in this era. The purification and activation of this gland “turns on” a spiritual sight that reveals so much more than what we can see on the physical plane.

The enlightened Master or spiritual teacher has the ability to “see” the state of evolution of a person and eventually brings them into alignment with their life purpose. A person does not find the Master, on the contrary, the Master discovers the student when he/she has achieved a certain state of capacity gained through mental and emotional control and a quality of radiance in their aura. The radiance of the aura is what gets the Master’s attention and begins the process of pulling them in for transformation.

It takes many lifetimes of transforming the emotional body and its desires and the training of the mental body before we actually gain the Masters attention and step into the correct environment for us to thrive in our “role”.

Thank goodness we are at a period in human history where many souls are ready to be pulled into the correct environment to do their work and fulfill their highest purpose.

Written by Kashi Stone, 2016