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Welcome to the Matrix



Our life story begins at the moment of conception.


In the act of union for conception, the male is providing the genetic information for the physical body of the fetus and the female is providing the essence of the mind that will be operating the life of the fetus, which manifests as an aura sheath, known as “Type”. As the sperm relates the genetics of the physical body, the mother plants an egg something like the form of a yoke, into the creative process. Together, these two forces begin creating the fetus.

The yoke of the mother determines the type of aura, the sex of the child and how the brain will operate, which can be identified through color and tone.fetus

This part of the being is manifested through planetary positions at the exact moment of birth.


Once the fetus is ready to “hatch” from the womb, the Emotional Body and Spirit are all in place to live inside of one incarnation.

It’s a grand production in time. Hence, the three major life cycles: Saturn Return, Uranus Opposition and Kiron Return. A pattern has been set in place with a theme to grow and evolve throughout this one lifetime.

Welcome to the “Matrix”


How We Evolve


If only more people understood the importance of astrology and its ability to paint the picture of the road ahead and affirm the experiences of the past. It is a great blessing to have such a science that can articulate the life story down to very specific, highly accurate details that explain why we do the things we do and why things have happened as they have.

The stars, the moon, the sun, the planets, all impact and influence our life in every moment, shaping our reality in tandem with our mind. There is a magnificent purpose and goal to the orchestration of these forces, it is evident in the cycles of life and the way a being evolves.

At the early stages of life, one can watch a child acting out a “mini” version of his life calling.



Most of the time, our emotional body is in control, operating the life. After all, many minds will be conditioned to think that it is time to prepare for a future day of marriage, career and life of a householder.



No matter what, how one has chosen to live in this life will determine how the next life begins and what lessons are there to experience in the next incarnation.

May this life and your next, be the best.




~ Kashi Stone 2016