What is Enlightenment

The pursuit of understanding or gaining enlightenment is a driving curiosity for all those who have a deep yearning for a connection with something great and godly. It is the seed of our existence as humans to move towards a life calling or life purpose and to fulfill it in some way.

Having a figure, a symbol of a great god who lives in the sky, watching over and in control, available for help through prayers, elicits a parental relationship that most have been slighted of or missed while growing up. Almost every human on this planet has been conceived and raised unconsciously, impacting their character greatly and the quality of life experience and perception.

This is the crux of human life, getting past the effects of an unconscious conception and childhood.

There is an ancient east Indian spiritual lifestyle practice for conceiving gifted children. In the interest of bearing a child in a conscious way, a couple is taught to recognize the forces of the heavens: the planets, stars, sun and moon and their movement as they prepare for conceiving a gifted child. The couple is cultivated to observe these forces, their transits and their impact as they ready their own bodies, minds and spirit for the sacred event of the perfect moment to enter sacred copulation. Through the observation of these forces and their impressions, a couple can dial in the ability to conceive a divine child in the exact, perfect moment.

Of course, if the couple is aware of this science, if they have the patience and gentleness to practice this type of control in their love-making, the child will be raised in an aware environment with intelligent, generous, kind parents.

However, majority of the population are conceived out of mad, passionate love-making encounters with little regard to the forces that are pouring onto the planet at their location, through their bodies, at that particular moment in time, creating a human.

If only they knew.

To learn and observe astrology in action is thrilling. Unfortunately, most of the western culture were raised in an era that practiced deep religious conditioning designed for money and control hence, the Vatican, for instance, and were taught that astrology is evil, a product of the devil. To this day, I continue to hear the condemnation of astrology as evil by religious people, which is surprising.

For those who have taken the time to explore astrology, they discover a magical formula to life. There is one thread of truth that becomes utterly obvious when you have spent time in the study of astrology: all life occurrences and timing of events are written in the heavens BEFORE they happen in a person’s life.

At the time of birth, there is an imprint, the astrological wheel or a chart demonstrates according to birth date, time and place, an imprint that is the design of a human.
This imprint is the life trajectory ahead and the process towards evolution. In the coding of this imprint are variables as to how that life can be lived. According to the environment that one is living in, life choices will be made and ultimately, determine which heavenly forces one is tuning into.

This proves why environment is so important. Yet, it seems to be the last thing that people consider when they determine where they are going to live and why. Often, the choice of environment is based on love or family connections, and often, movement towards the right environment is halted or ignored because of these same types of relationships.

There is no fault or judgment in this process. This is the result of a sleeping humanity that is slowly waking up and becoming more aware of energy, multi-dimensions and super-human powers. Yes, this body machine that we inhabit is capable of so much more but we have not been taught or made aware of what we can do and how.

One finds that these amazing human capabilities are initiated or expressed only when one has reached a place of evolution. Super-human is a result of responding to a calling, a force that reaches out to pull one up the ladder of life. This place of evolution is multi-fold in nature demonstrating through the three main parts of our being: physical, emotional and spiritual. Notice that I did not say, Mental. Our mental body is incident of our state of evolution and is impacted by the condition of all three bodies resting inside of the human form and the state of synthesis that they reside in.

As one traverses the life path ahead of them, already written and paved for the way, one is given a set of experiences. According to the influencing planets that one has chosen to ride with and who has been chosen or allowed to influence, surrounding one in their environment, conscious or not, determines what happens next. It is that complex and massively geometrical in the movement of life that is written in the heavens.

When a person reaches a level of psychic awareness that naturally stems out of the super-human abilities, one can see that the bulk of humanity moves from an emotional state of mind under the influence of certain heavenly forces. Through the emotional state of mind, forces are in place that push one into extreme life experiences to grow and move beyond one’s current state of evolution. This is what every astrological map provides: how a person is moving or graduating out of their emotional state of mind. But, not until the emotional mind has been addressed, tamed, and transformed, do the forces pour into the form that takes one’s life up another notch on the ladder of existence.

Every human is born with an emotional body no matter how they are defined or imprinted. The core evolutionary theme in the human process is the transformation of the emotional body, one of the three bodies in the total human system.

And each life is woven into a magical life story of change, growth, evolution and a journey towards enlightenment. But it begins with the emotional body, first, as the main component mutated for enlightenment. Every human has an emotional body.

This is how it is written in the heavens.

Kashi Stone 2017