In-person LIVE workshops with Kashi

Human Design / SOUL DESIGN ~ December 2017

The Science of Yoga

On-Line LIVE workshops with Kashi

Learning the basics of Human Design – begins February 2018

Chakras – begins April 2018


Educational Spiritual practices for the Superhuman



“The classes are so healing for me and I love our Group……..”

The Science of Yoga

A spiritual practice for the Superhuman

Through the lifestyle practices of the science of Yoga, understanding is gained regarding the process of “synthesis”, which is a divine state of body, soul and mind in union. In this workshop, Kashi Stone uncovers the ancient secrets towards gaining enlightenment, practically applied in modern times. A clear, concise overview of where to begin, how to apply and grow through the eight-fold path of the spiritual science of Yoga and reach an exalted, individualized, state of being.

Two-Hour Public Lecture: FREE

Four-Week Workshop:  $125 





Human Design / SOUL DESIGN

Spiritual esoteric and the mechanics of Human Design

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Two Hour Public Lecture:  FREE

Four Hour Workshop: $55



Learn the Basics

Beginner Human Design / 4 Week Course

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Astrology 101

An introduction to the basics of astrology

An overview and interpretation of each planet and when to pay attention with the transits. The purpose of astrology and how to use it for best outcome. Translations of positions and relationships, such as square, conjunct and so on. An overview of the houses and the chronological discovery in relation to evolution.

Four-week / $125


Also known as CENTERS in Human Design

A three-month course that outlines each Chakra in the body system.

Starting with the ROOT Chakra, we create, journal, clear and heal as we evolve and awaken each Chakra in our Etheric Body system. We explore the emotional body aura; the G Center and TYPE according to Human Design as well as esoteric knowledge. Gain greater understanding of the function of the Spleen and other organs and Centers/ Chakras. Arrive with greater awareness of the digestion, assimilation and elimination process and the importance of its function in relation to gaining greater health. We dial in the path of ease in life pursuits and enhanced immunity while moving towards greater consciousness. A comprehensive exploration of the multi-dimensional spiritual being.

April through June 2018
Three-month course / limited to 6 participants per class
Thursdays, Saturdays or Sundays, each week ~ your choice / flexible class

ONLINE in two-way video environment from any place in the world with internet connection.

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Silent PRANA MEDITATION with Kashi


On-line / two-way video / In person

In this half-hour meditation, a quiet, silent space is created where we sit and relax into stillness. Gradually, slowly, we tune into higher forces that bring PRANA into the body system via the two-way video conference or sitting together “LIVE” in a group at a common location.

Repeated time spent in silent, rhythmic, group meditation allows PRANA to naturally flow and become the natural state, over-riding the emotional mental system’s grip on life direction and thought processes. A group setting is key in creating a powerful vehicle for this altered state that energizes life force.

Register through monthly payment subscription below. Link to meditation room sent upon notification of payment with days and times of live meditations.

Days and times vary according to season
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“Our class yesterday was so lovely. How rich and different it feels each time we come together.
It’s quite fascinating observing, sharing, and learning from you, Kashi, and the other girls and their process.” 



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